Praying Liberally: Where do American Jews stand?

Today, J Street, the super awesome Pro-Israel Pro-Peace Jewish lobby, released their new poll of the American Jewish communities opinions on politics and American foreign policy in the Middle East.

Here's a run down of poll results:

  • 83% of Jews disapprove of George W. Bush.

  • Just 21% approve of the Iraq War.

  • 71% think Bush has done a bad job handling the Arab-Israeli conflict with 61% believing Bush has made Israel less safe and Iran stronger.

  • 60% are favorable towards Barack Obama as opposed to 34% towards McCain and 37% toward Joe Lieberman.

  • Barack Obama is also seen more favorably than the Democratic Party.

  • Only 38% are favorable towards AIPAC as opposed to the 44% favorable towards MoveOn.

  • Around 80% support a two state solution establishing a Palestinian state the West Bank and Gaza with 75% saying it necessary for Israel's security.

  • More than half want the US to tell Israel to stop expanding the settlements.

  • A plurality of Jews identify as Liberal (as opposed to Conservative, Moderate or Progressive)

The big takeaway: American Jews are Living Liberally.

They aren't, as the MSM tries to make you believe, old, crotchety, hawkish, conservative, Lieberman-lovers. It shouldn't be a surprise as the largest and fastest growing Jewish movement in the nation supports gay marriage, and has taken firm progressive stands on many issues.

One thing the media is correct about, however, is that American Jews want a strong Israel and a strong United States. And as J Street and the American Jewish community rightly realize, the only way to strengthen our countries is to establish some form of lasting peace, to negotiate with our current enemies, and to craft a US foreign policy that creates allies, instead of slighting them.

Thanks to J Street for showing that while the MSM would like to present American Jews as conservative or war-hawk moderate, the reality is that American Jews are liberal.