An Announcement: Matt Is Moving To Boston

Alright, so many of you know this, but if you don't....

I am moving. I am moving to Boston, Massachusetts with my fiancée, Kate, or "The Kate" as many of you know her on Twitter or Facebook. Well, the Kate got into the PHD program at Boston College so at the end of July, we are shipping up to Boston.

Obviously we're going to miss Chicago, especially all of our friends here, but we are, uh… “wicked” excited about the move.

So, the question is, what does the move mean for Drinking Liberally and Laughing Liberally Chicago? Well, the answer is essentially nothing, except I’m not going to be running them anymore. Laughing Liberally Chicago will still be run by the Accountants of Homeland Security. We’re actually going to create an official regular cast of Laughing Liberally Chicago. Adding, actually, a lot of the performers you hear on the Matthew Filipowicz Show.

Drinking Liberally Chicago will continue under its current co-host, the badass Steve Stearns, who as you know, takes all the great photos that you see of Laughing Liberally.

I do want to announce my last Laughing Liberally Chicago will be Wednesday July 6th at No Exit up in Rogers Park. For those who haven’t been to Laughing Liberally Chicago, it’s a great time. A free political variety show with cheap beer. What more could you want?

And we have an amazing lineup that night, with a bunch of my favorite acts: standups James Fritz, Cameron Esposito, Lauren Maul and Bob Rok. Of course, Tim Grimes and James Davis, who are my fellow Accountants of Homeland Security will be there. We have professional freak Thom Britton for the show, who eats fire, pounds nails up his nose, uses chainsaws and all types of cool stuff. We have music from John and Laurie Miller of Pistolwhipped.

The live interview is my good friend, Nixonland author Rick Perlstein, who was actually my very first guest on the very first Matthew Filipowicz Show.

So it should be a great night. Chicago folks, I hope you come out.

So, I'm happy to report that both Drinking Liberally and Laughing Liberally Chicago will, in fact, go on… which is important to me. We have a great community of liberals and friends here in Chicago, and I am really going to miss the hell out you guys.