New Show!

Hey Everybody! How's it going? I just back from Nashville from the Living Liberally conference. Liberals sure do know how to party! Even if I almost was taken to a Vegan restaurant. Thank the Lord it was too crowded. Anyway the republicans, as usual,are attacking Women again with a full force hurricane of ignorance that is stunning. If you are a Woman and you vote for any of these jackasses, shame on you. Okay enough ranting, more laughing. It's time for another FREE show with an awesome lineup.

Sean White- Standup
Paul Sigwerth- Standup
Tricky Ol' Puss - Magic Man
Mark Casey- Acoustic music
Bob Rok- Hip-Hop
Julia Solomon- Standup

Laughing Liberally Chicago presents Todd Akin, Duck Gynecologist
Tomorrow August 29th at 8:00pm at Black Rock Pub & Kitchen 3614 N. Damen

Our shows are always the LAST(not the fourth) Wednesday of the month. Hope to see you there!