Laughing Liberally Chicago Tonight!

That's right Everybody! Chicago's favorite standup, James Fritz, is leaving soon for Hollywood......Hollywood Florida. It's been Fritz's lifelong dream to entertain a bunch of lovely elderly folks as they tear their way through their early bird specials and cheer James on when he mentions how lame cancer is and how its about damn time Matlock had his own channel. He's closed out our shows many times in the past in kick-ass fashion and We wish him well and hope you can all make his last show with us. Oh and the show is still FREE! So get your booties out here you knuckleheads and say goodbye to an old friend. We have a great lineup too!

Standup- Lindsay Adams
Standup- Maggie Ednie
World's greatest Hack juggler- Brad French
Acoustic Rock- Vee Sonnets
Standup- Bob Rok
Standup- James Fritz

And many more TBA soon!