Laughing Liberally Tonight!

Hello there Human race! How are we all doing? Hopefully you are enjoying your last few weeks on Earth. Ok maybe we'll be alright but I still remember how it took us years to recover from Y2K. Those poor computer programmers, canned food hoarders, and crazy religious cults never fully recovered from the shame of being such big wussies. Just think how you'll feel if you have Mayan blood in you and your ancestors caused all of this ruckus. Ahhh who am i kidding? The Spanish killed all of them off. They didn't see that coming did they? Anyway I think that just in case it is the last one ever, you should come on out to the big show this Wednesday. It's Free as always! We also have an amazing lineup that will have you laughing all the way up to the end of the world. See ya there! Black Rock Pub(3614 N.Damen)8pm

Natalie Jose- Standup
Ben Underwood- Acoustic Comedy
John Sturk- Magic Man
Sean White- Standup
Maria Wojciechowski - Ukulele Comedy
Adam Burke- Standup

Laughing Liberally Chicago Tonight!

Laughing Liberally Chicago presents: One Big Hard Throbbing Election!
Wednesday, November 7th, 2012: 8:00pm - 10:30pm
Hello Everybody! Hope all is well with you. Well we did it People! Time to let out one big collective sigh of relief and celebrate four more years of Obama! I personally voted for Jill Stein but I'm a huge Communist but I forgive you for voting for somebody who could actually win. So come on out citizens. It's Free as always! We have a stellar lineup as usual. Check it out! Black Rock Pub (3614 N. Damen)

Chris Sowa- Standup
Angela Vela- Standup
Laura Wilson- Ukelele playing Diva
The Amazing Bibik- Warlock/Magic Man
Adam Kroshus- Standup
Marty DeRosa- Standup
Paul Sigwerth -Standup (His Last Laughing Liberally!!) Say Goodbye to him, Dag Nabbit!