Tonight! Laughing Liberally!

Hello Everybody! Well we're back! Obama's Back! Winter is Back! ugh. Anyway after taking off a couple months for the holidays because the Accountants are so deeply religious and lazy, we're coming back atcha with a kick-ass new show this Wednesday. We have lots of new sketches, new dick jokes cleverly disguised as political humor, new acts, new music, and I will be drinking lots of new beer. That's right its a new year and the Accountants are still here and we hope you will be too. It's FREE as always. Come on down, Chuckleheads! Now here's our wonderful lineup!

Sean Cooley- Stand up
Laura Hugg- Stand up
The Amazing Grabowskis- Juggling Quartet
Matt Derda- Acoustic Music
Amy Gard- Stand Up
Claire Swanson- Stand up
Mike Lebovitz- Stand Up

Black Rock Pub (3614 n. Damen) 8pm-10pm
Hosted by the Accountants of Homeland Security (James Bespalec-Davis, Bob Rok, Randy Cochran, and Tim Grimes)