Nov. 19 meeting reminder - NEW LOCATION

BIG CHANGES at Yakima Drinking Liberally, we will meet for our regular meeting on Monday the 19th but at Bill's Place, 206 S. 3rd Ave., Yakima. 7:30 PM

As a side note, at our last meeting the night before election day, we did a small survey to predict the point spread in the Electoral College in the event of an Obama viceroy. Art offered to buy the winner a beer as a prize. Well, one very modest but courageous person guessed 330, only three removed from the actual count. Congratulations to the winner!

Dec. 5 meeting reminder

Our big elections day eve meeting is on Monday, Dec. 5, 7:30 PM at the Sport Center, 214 East Yakima Ave., Yakima, WA.

We will conduct a short quiz on the swing-state polling data on this site:

A bonus beer will be awarded to the first person to correctly answer this question: A tweet from a supporter of one of the national candidates gave the following reason as to why she was supporting that candidate: "Because he passes the math test." Who is the candidate?