Debate Update

Hi everyone,

At this point, it appears that the debate is on! But even if Hamlet ... I mean, McCain ... changes his mind, there will be some sort of town hall. Here are the details

WHAT: Debate watch party! We'll take over-under bets on the number of times John McCain says "my friends", Barack Obama says "look", either candidate uses "Main Street" and "Wall Street" in the same sentence, and any others you can think of. Democracy for America will also provide "debate bingo" cards; the first three winners will get some DFA swag and a free round of beer.

WHEN: The debate starts at 6:00 ... we'll be at the Ale House by 5:30 to get situated.

WHERE: The Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Ave E.

Hope to see you there!


Debate Watch Party Update

Hi folks,

This afternoon I was planning on sending a note that Drinking Liberally would be taking over the Montlake Ale House this Friday for the first Presidential debate. However, it appears that the debate may not occur as scheduled. Provided the debate does not occur during prime football-watching hours (basically, any time on Saturday or Sunday), rest assured that we WILL hold a drinking-and-debate-watching session.

I'm also taking suggestions for drinking games related to the debates. There will also definitely be a pool on the number of times McCain says "My Friends" and Obama says "Look". If you have other suggestions feel free to email me!

I will send out an update on our plans once the debate schedule is re-finalized.

Nicholas Beaudrot
Seattle Drinking Liberally
[email protected]