E-Day Plans, Materials Help, and Pick 'em Update

Hi folks,

Three items relating to plans for tomorrow.

  • Pick 'em Contest updates
  • Bar opening times.
  • Can anyone help with stuff for election day?

Pick 'em Contest

We will be accepting entries in the "guess the election outcome" contests until 2:30pm Pacific on Tuesday. Once again, the contests are:

  • Obama's electoral votes (tiebreaker: number of votes Obama receives nationwide)
  • Senate gains or losses, name all states where Democrats gain/lose seats (tiebreaker: number of votes received by Gordon Smith (R) in Oregon)
  • Net number of seats gained (or lost) in the House (tiebreaker: number of votes Darcy Burner receives)
  • Percentage of the two-party vote for Chris Gregoire to the nearest tenth of a percent (tiebreaker: number of votes for Gregoire)
  • Percentage of the votes for YES on Sound Transit prop 1 to the nearest tenth of a percent (tiebreaker: number of YES votes from the 43rd district).

Please email your answers to [email protected]; do NOT hit 'reply' to this email, we have had reports of emails being flagged as spam and I don't want that to happen to your entry!

Bar opening

The Montlake Ale House will open early, at 4pm Pacific Time. At that point, the only polls that will have closed are those in Eastern Indiana and Eastern Kentucky. At 4pm polls close in about 15 states.

The Ale House will have free champagne available to toast victory, or (not free) whisky in the event of shocking defeat.

We will be around late into the night. Polls close in Alaska at 9pm Pacific, and there's a Senate race there still in the single digits, so there will be new results to look for throughout the evening.

Looking for election day goodies

I am still in need of a couple of things

  • Laminated map of the United States, or, someone with access to a plotter printer that can print out some maps to pick up in the afternoon.
  • Whiteboard
  • Stand for whiteboard
  • White sheet or roll-up screen suitable for a projector
  • Projector (we have one, but a second would be nice)

If you have any of these things please email us at [email protected], and I'll be happy to buy your first round on Tuesday.