Bonus Thursday Drinking Liberally with Lizz Winstead!

Hi everyone,

This Friday, Daily Show co-creator and Air America personality Lizz Winstead will be in town for her one-woman show, "My State of the Union". The show starts at 8pm and 10pm at Theater Off Jackson; you can buy tickets from Brown Paper Tickets at "". I've included a little blurb about the show below.

In addition, Lizz will be a guest at a special Thursday edition of Drinking Liberally. If you've never had a chance to come out and say hello, this one is a good time to start!

Montlake Ale House
2307 24th Avenue NE
8pm to close

Nicholas Beaudrot

As Co-creator and Head Writer of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, Lizz Winstead has changed the way people get their news and react to politics forever. Next she took her unique satiric voice to the radio waves, co-founding Air America Radio and shared the mic every morning hosting “Unfiltered” with the amazing Rachel Maddow. Now Lizz is tour- ing the country bringing her biting political insights to packed houses from LA to DC, and she will perform at Theatre Off Jackson on September 17th. Lizz takes on hypocrisy with a brilliant razor sharp wit, hitting all the big guys who chose to abuse their power. From Beck to Bachmann, Healthcare to Hedge funds, no one is exempt from a hilarious jab. If you need a break from the madness of the world and feel like the state of our union is in quite a state, then Lizz Winstead will be the much needed catharsis you are looking for.