DL: 11/25/08, a new location part deux

This is in all likelihood my last DL bulletin before passing the torch to Dave. Unfortunately, I am really sick so I won't be seeing you all tonight.

DL tonight will be at the triumph brewing company, at 117 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Pa, 19106. Starts at 6:00 PM, etc. Let dave know how you like the joint, because they're trying to find a stable location.

have a good one, I'll be hiding in my bathroom being sick.

DL, 11/17: New Digs! And, It's Hard to Be a Liberal

Hey everyone,

Due to popular demand, we're moving to a new location: the Plough and Star on 2nd near Chestnut in Old City Philadelphia:

Thanks to Roxanne for setting this up! Same time: 6:00 PM. No word on free food. Let me know how you like it, I've actually never been.

It's hard to be a liberal sometimes, because even when you win you kinda lose. By which I mean, Joe Lieberman, who is neither a democrat nor a republican, nor a member of his own vanity party will in all likelihood keep his gavel.

I know, it just makes you just grind your teeth doesn't it? And so we drink... we drink because we're liberals, and because change can be slow.

Ah, who am I kidding. Joe sucks and everyone knows it.

DL 11/11/08: Victory and Unfinished Business

Hi everyone,

DL will meet this week at the Tangier, located at 18th and Lombard Streets in Center City, Philadelphia We start at 6:00 PM, and don't forget the free wings and drink specials for early birds. Keep an eye out for a change in venue for next week though, details TBA.

Speaking of changes: we've elected a new president who has a mandate for change. Just look at these two maps, courtesy of DL regular Philly Bits. That is SOME mandate.

There is some unfinished business however. A certain member of the Senate, neither a democrat nor a republican nor a member of any other party, who promised not to campaign for the conservatives, who promised to support the liberal, did not do so.

And now this same man is scrambling to hold onto his chairmanship of Homeland Security/Government Affairs, which accomplished nothing under the past four years of his leadership.

Who is this man of mystery? Why does he want that chairmanship so badly? Jane Hamsher tells you why here, and how you can help. Here's a hint: the man without a party wants revenge.

See you all tomorrow night!

DL Election Day Special!

Hey everyone,

Before anything else, make sure you vote! Vote! VOTE!

Tonight, there are new options, and not just of the electoral variety.

You could drop by the usual DL location at 6:00 PM at the Tangier, located at 18th and Lombard Streets in Philadelphia. Free wings and drink specials for early birds.

Buuuut: DL regular Roxanne invites us all to Citypaper's event at the Plough and Stars, 123 Chestnut Street from 5:30-8:30. Free beer from Yards, so you know where I'm going. (we're actually thinking of relocating to the P&S, so this is a great chance for a test run).

See you all tonight, and don't forget to vote!!