The Original Drinking Liberally

From Pro-Bama to "No, Bama!"

Progressives are excited what a President Obama
could do with a Democratic majority in Congress...
while the Dem Senate pushes phone company immunity
& Obama joins in the capitulation.

The Left argues McCain's bad for the Courts,
but when the Justices limit the death penalty,
Obama's among the first to criticize the ruling.

And while we're excited that Obama's candidacy
could energize down-ticket victories,
Obama endorses a pro-war Dem in a primary.

There's an incredible mood that's Pro-Bama...
but moves like this make us groan "No, 'Bama!"
Maybe he's just starting off Slow-Bama
-- here's to hoping he'll Grow-Bama.

In many ways, he's so right.
Now we have to make sure he's so Left as well.

Share frustrations, ideas & a pitcher to two
with like-minded liberals over a libation
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

John McCain - Scary of Hilarious?...with Cliff Schecter & Paul Waldman Tomorrow Night

Dear Liberal Drinkers -

Take a night for a little laughter
as Laughing Liberally presents a special night
of McCain themed comedy with stellar performers
and two nationally-acclaimed authors!

Cliff Schecter (The Real McCain)
and Paul Waldman (Free Ride)
join Laughing Liberally for...
Wed, June 25th 9pm

John McCain...scary or hilarious?

Featuring comedians from Comedy Central,
MTV, The Onion & more:
Lee Camp, Katie Halper
Jamie Kilstein & Charles Star


- Drinking Liberally - Thurs, 6/26
- Laughing Liberally - Tues, 7/1
...and 4th of July activities
& Bush Birthday details coming soon.
Check out

The GOP's 3 Deadly G's: Gays, Gas & Gore

As Americans feel pain at the pump,
they're open to new energy solutions,
but conservatives give the old answer: "Drill More!"

As couples in California express their love,
Americans increasingly recognize marriage equality,
but the right-wing still shouts: "Gays are Scary!"

And as the Republicans' old punching bag Al Gore,
endorses Obama, helping boost him in the polls,
the GOP just sputters: "But Gore's a loser!" McCain tries to dodge the President himself.

It's been said in the past that the Dems
have problems with Gays, Guns & God...

But as Americans views have evolved with the times,
the Right has its own 3-g problem: Gays, Gas & Gore.

And 1 more "G" -- the "GOP" --
may be McCain's biggest problem of all

Raise a glass to same-sex marriage and Al Gore
as you raise your voice, ideas & questions
with like-minded left-leaning libation-lifters
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Get Your Free Drink -- and Events This Week

Dear Liberal Drinkers -

We're excited to announce a way for you
to drink even MORE liberally...
with a free drink every time you go to Rudy's.

Read On! Plus special events this week.

1. FREE DRINKS with The Liberal Card
2. Eating Liberally and Kos Meetup - Wed, 6/18
3. Laughing Liberally Intern Night - Wed, 6/18
4. Reading Liberally - Thurs 6/19
5. Laughing Liberally McCain Night - Wed, 6/25
6. The launch of the Progressive Book Club!
7. Make Music NY Day - Saturday, June 21st.

1. Get a free drink EVERY TIME you go to Rudy's.
That's just one of the many local benefits
when you order THE LIBERAL CARD --
our new program to promote liberal pride,
liberal community...and liberal discounts.

By showing your card, you get discount theater tickets,
specials at environmentally-friendly shops,
and a host of online deals to national partners.

It's just $25/year -- going to Rudy's a few times?
Then the card pays for itself.

A perfect gift for liberal friends
(or a way to needle conservative foes),
The Liberal card will bear your name
showing that you a proud card-carrying liberal!

Buy it today:
...and start getting your free drinks.

And - vote for Rudy's as the Best Dive Bar:

2. Wed, June 18th - 6-8pm
for a progressive potluck to catch up, eat
and celebrate the end of the primaries!
Eating Liberally will be providing tasty treats,
and you are invited to contribute a dish.
If you do plan to bring something,
please email kerry (at) eatingliberally (dot) org

The Tank @ C:U - 279 Church St
btw Franklin & White, below Canal

3. Wed, June 18th - 8pm
to a fresh night of Laughter from the Left.
This is INTERN NIGHT -- if you are an intern
for a progressive organization
(or if you happen to be progressive & an intern)
you get in for $5 -- and you get to meet
other interns summering in New York City.

The Tank @ C:U - 279 Church St
btw Franklin & White, below Canal

4. Thurs, June 19th - 6:45pm
READING LIBERALLY -- live readings
of texts that changed our country
...and could do so again.

This week: Upton Sinclair's Cry of Freedom
An anthology on social justice & progressive issues
featuring works by Ghandi, Sinclair & Twain

Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
Backyard, on the upper deck
before the weekly gathering of Drinking Liberally.

5. Wed, June 25th - 8pm
A night of McCain-based humor
at The Laughing Liberally Lab's almost too easy.
With author Cliff Schecter.
The Tank @ C:U - 279 Church St
btw Franklin & White, below Canal

6. Congratulations, PROGRESSIVE BOOK CLUB!
A new program that's launched makes it easy
for you to get books at a great deal
while supporting progressive authors & ideas.
Check it out:
& get 3 books for $3 by becoming a member today.

7. This Saturday, June 21st is MAKE MUSIC NY,
an annual day of outdoor music across the city.
Come check out the concert in front of THE TANK,
the home to many Living Liberally Events.

Make Music New York @ The Tank
Saturday, June 21st - 4-7pm
Live gameboy music on closed-down Church Street
between Walker and White, below Canal.

Screening Liberally: FREE Showing of HBO's RECOUNT - Tonight!

NYC Liberals -

It's last minute, but you are invited to join us tonight for a screening of RECOUNT -- the HBO film about the 2000 election starring Kevin Spacey, Denis Leary, Laura Dern and Tom Wilkinson.

Don't get HBO? Good thing you get Screening Liberally emails.

Hosted along with Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century, this screening will also Florida Congressional candidate, Christine Jennings, who lost her 2006 election by fewer than 400 votes, prompting a machine recount and special investigation. Jennings is running again in one of the hottest Congressional races this cycle, so this is a fun opportunity to enjoy a (free!) Friday night movie and hear from a candidate who has lived through hanging chads and butterfly ballots!

No longer think of Friday the 13th as a bad thing.

* * *
DL21C and Screening Liberally, invite you to
HBO’s Recount
Friday, June 13 - 7:00pm
DCTV Screening Room
87 Lafayette Street (between Walker and White, below Canal)

Refreshments available for purchase during the film,
and after-film drinks and discussion will follow.
This event is free!

And remember:
CRAFTING LIBERALLY - Sun, June 15th - 3-5pm
at The Tank @ C:U - 279 Church Street

Progressive Potluck Meetup
Wed, June 18th - 6-8pm
at The Tank @ C:U - 279 Church St

LAUGHING LIBERALLY - Wed, June 18th - 8pm
at The Tank @ C:U - 279 Church Street

About Recount (from HBO website):

Recount brings viewers behind the scenes at the controversial Florida recount. The film pulls back the veil on the headlines to explore the human drama surrounding the most controversial presidential election in U.S. history.

Mixing news footage and verbatim dialogue into fictionalized re-creations, Recount examines the torturous process that culminated in the Supreme Court decision in Bush vs. Gore. The Republicans, led by charismatic Texan James Baker, seize the initiative as the case is tried in the judicial system and the court of public opinion. The Democrats play catch-up until Ron Klain, Gore's former chief of staff, takes over and starts matching Baker's political hardball with tough moves of his own. Mutual respect forms between the two as the fate of the presidency plays out among a colorful cast ranging from the impressive (appellate lawyer David Boies) to the maligned (Florida's Secretary of State Katherine Harris) and many more of the characters involved in this historic election fight.

About Christine Jennings:

Christine Jennings ( has been a member of the Sarasota community for 23 years, working her way up from bank teller to president of the bank she founded at a time when women executives were rare. On her way to the top of the banking world, Christine served in numerous leadership positions with various banks before serving as President, CEO, Chairman of the Board and Director of Sarasota Bank.

Christine was born and raised in New Boston, Ohio, the daughter of a Steelworker. Her father was a disabled WWII veteran and a minister and her mother ran a beauty parlor out of her own home. At 17, Christine got a job as a bank teller where the decision making skills and self discipline her parents taught her helped her succeed.

In 1984 Christine moved to Sarasota and has been actively involved in the community ever since, serving in leadership roles in a number of civic and charitable groups over the years including serving as President of the Sarasota Downtown Association, President of the Sarasota Film Festival, Board Member of the Community AIDS Network and Board Member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Sarasota County among others. She is running after being narrowly defeated in one of the closest Congressional elections in Florida history and has focused her efforts since 2006 on cleaning up Florida’s antiquated voting machines and systems.

About Christine Jennings' 2006 Election and Recount (from the Cook Political Report):

In the 2006 election, election officials certified Republican businessman Vern Buchanan as the winner of the race over Jennings by 369 votes. Buchanan was declared the winner after a mandatory recount and analysis of alleged voting machine errors in the race.

The controversy in this race was that over 18,000 ballots, roughly 1 in 6, cast in Sarasota County apparently did not register a vote for this race, far higher than in the two previous elections.

Sarasota County voted for Jennings by a 6 point margin. Jennings filed an appeal for an investigation of the election with the House Administration Committee. The GAO investigation proved inconclusive and Buchanan was named the winner. Sarasota County has since moved to optical scanned paper ballots as a result of a 2006 referendum vote.

McCain/Cheney '08 - The One VP Who Could Make Him Look Spry

As McCain tries to hide from Bush,
he expresses his admiration for Cheney,
& on whether Cheney'd have a role
in his Administration: "Hell, Yeah."

McCain shares Cheney's war,
shares his recessive view of economics
& shares his love of lobbyists.

They share creepy smiles, cranky tempers,
the air of an embarrassing Great Uncle,
& out-of-touch worldviews forged last century.

They share so much, that maybe it's time
they share a ticket: "McCain/Cheney '08"...
the one VP who can make McCain look spry.

He's embraced everything else about Bush,
why not the man who put the Vice back into VP?

Speculate on VPs with a vice of your own,
virtuously sharing pitchers & punditry
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.