The Original Drinking Liberally

The Candidates Have Done Their Job - Time To Do Ours

They've given two years of sleepless nights,
criss-crossing the country, devoid of privacy,
scrutinized, slandered, savaged & slammed.

They've had to watch every word,
spend endless hours in swing states
& make every effort to appeal to "undecideds."

And they do all this to inherit a crashing economy,
housing crisis, unending war in Iraq,
broken national reputation & dysfunctional government
that's been looted by cronies & crooks.

Why exactly do they want this job?

Because there's greatness in America,
& it's time to make our country better again.

The candidates have done their job it's time to do ours.

Vote early, vote often, volunteer your time
& come lift a delightful drink to democracy
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30pm onward
Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
[backyard - dress warm!]
Questions: [email protected]

...Ideas for getting more involved
provided by some of our friends & partners
(these are not official DL events)

1. Vote: considering voting on Row E,
the Working Families Party line --
check out for more info.

And visit if you need info on voting.

2. Volunteer: wherever you are you, you can volunteer:
- go to for state-by-state breakdowns
- in NY? - Go to directly.
- Limited time? - make calls instead of going into the field.
Go here:

3. For Election Night watch parties, visit:
for listings of all the Drinking Liberally events:
- The Tank @ DCTV - 87 Lafayette
- Comix - 353 West 14th @ 9th
- Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
- Professor Thom's - 2nd btw 13th & 14th
- The Grisley Pear - 107 MacDougal

4. Bonus: daily meditations as we count down --
Check it out at:

Eleven Days of Election Fever - How to Get Involved

Liberal Drinkers -

Do you want to do more that watch from the sidelines?
Tired of yelling at your computer screen?

From now through November 4th, there are 11 days
to get involved in this historic election.

Many of you have asked about opportunities --
below are some events that may interest you:
- road trips
- phone calls
- fundraisers
- theatrical spectaculars
- triva nights
- comedy
- election night parties

Want to Hit the Road?
There are a number of groups organizing roadtrips:
- check out for trips to PA
...they have complete listings of opportunities
- ACT-Now has a history of well-run roadtrips
& will be taking PA jaunts Saturdays & Election Day
Check out

Knock Doors Closer to Home?
You can get involved with State Senate races in NYC:
- ACT-Now invites you to Queens on Election Day
- Planned Parenthood NYC Action Fund
is also hitting the local State Senate contests --
email: [email protected]

Rather Make Phone Calls?
- All weekend, then Nov 1 - Nov 4,
the Obama campaign will be calling swing states.
Sign up through
Nov 1 -4, this will be day & night.
- ACT-Now has Obama phonebanks each day,
including opportunities weekend,
& Thurs nights for State Senate:

Need Something Social?
- Monday, Oct 27th - 7:30 - The Big Quiz Thing,
a night of political trivial with Noah Tarnow.
Crash Mansion - Spring @ Bowery -
- Mon, Oct 27th - 8pm - LAUGH OUT THE VOTE
A final pre-election night with Laughing Liberally.
The Grisley Pear - 107 MacDougal btw Bleecker & 3rd
No cover; no minimum; no neocons; great line-up
- Fri, Oct 25 - 27 - OBAMA DRAMA
A Political Theatrical Spectacular! - 7 short plays
Inspired by the Man, the Myth(s) and the Michelle of Barack Obama
The Gallery at Access Theater - 380 Broadway, 4th Floor
- Saturday, October 25th - 3 to 6 pm - Fundraiser
Antojitos, Bebidas y Musica - Hosted by La Palapa Cocina Mexicana
& East Village for Obama in collaboration with Booze & Yarn
La Palapa Cocina Mexicana - 77 St.Mark's Place (between 1 & 2 ave)
Minimum Donation $30 - To RSVP or contribute online:
- Election Night Parties: all over the City:
-- Comix, 14th East of 9th - RSVP at
-- The Tank @ DCTV - 87 Lafayette St
-- Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
-- Professor Thom's - 2nd btw 13th & 14th

The McCain Doctrine: "I Break It, You Buy It"

Our economy's broken, despite McCain saying it's strong,
in part because of deregulation he's always championed,
but now he calls solutions "socialism"
& places the burden of bailout on regular Americans.

Our healthcare's broken & the GOP's prevented
efforts to expand coverage to more children...
now McCain wants to tax Americans
for insurance provided by their employer.

Iraq is broken, but McCain insists
that we'll need to spend our national treasure
-- our young men & women in uniform --
over there, rather than bring them home.

And now amidst GOP race-baiting & fear-mongering,
slandering, religious pandering & voter suppression,
McCain has broken his own reputation
...and we Americans are done investing in his brand.

If the Powell doctrine was "You break it, you buy it,"
the McCain doctrine is "I break it, you buy it"...
but Americans aren't buying it anymore.

We are still buying beer & spreading cheer
as we gear up for the election & lift up a pint
at our local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30pm onwards
Rudy's - 9th Ave btw 44th & 45th
[backyard - no tent yet, so bring a coat!]
Questions: [email protected]

And coming soon (election parties at the end):

Friday, October 24th - 10:30pm
The White House Project Fundraiser
Open Bar 10:30-11:30
Marquee - 289 Tenth Ave
$25 Donation - must RSVP in advance


Mon, Oct 27th - 7:30pm
Noah Tarnow's Big Quiz Thing: NYC's Live Trivia Spectacular -
A Rather Special Political Trivia Extravaganza
Crash Mansion - 199 Bowery @ Spring
$7 Admission


Monday, Oct 27th - 8pm
A Laughing Liberally Special
with Jamie Kilstein, Negin Farsad,
Costaki Economopoulous, Heather Gold,
hosted by Elon James White.

No cover; no minimum; no Neocons

The Grisley Pear - 107 MacDougal
btw Bleecker & West 3rd


Tues, Nov 4th - 8pm onward
- Comix - 14th, east of 9th
RSVP in advance for quicker admission @

- Rudy's - 9th & 44th
on the big screen in the backyard

- Professor Thom's - 2nd btw 13th & 14th
with Booze & Yarn & East Village DL

all the details at:

McCain's Just Full of Hot Ayers

Though he's attended ACORN events in the past,
McCain now slings mud at them & Obama...
instead of talking about the poor & working-class issues
their represent in their community organizing.

While Freddie & Fannie were paying his campaign manager,
McCain was railing against Obama's "connections" with them,
...instead of addressing the crisis they were part of.

He claims he doesn't care about "a washed-up terrorist,"
but McCain's campaign keeps the Ayers accusations central
...even though Americans have real problems to face.

Americans have turned against McCain's attacks...
they've come to realize he's just full of hot Ayers.

Share a real discussion, a big dream & a liberal drink
as we count down the weeks to Election Day
in the company of our local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30pm onward
Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
[backyard, in all weather]
Questions: [email protected]

TONIGHT: Get your complimentary LIBERAL CARD
-- Liberal Pride, Liberal Community, Liberal Discounts --
check out
First 50 attendees can sign up for FREE.


- Laughing Liberally - Mon, Oct 27th
- Election Night - Tues, Nov 4th
- Crafting Liberally - Sun, Nov 16th

Want to get involved?
There are great groups planning trips,
making phone calls, & protecting the vote.

Check out:
- - ACT-Now --
focusing on close Congressional & State Senate races
- - Democracy for NYC --
supporting progressive candidates
The Barack Obama Official Site
- - Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century
with bus trips and phone banks
- - People for the American Way
one of the leaders in Election Protection

Freedom! Free Movies, Free Comedy & a Free Debate

With just weeks before the election,
come Live Liberally this week with
free "W." tix, free liberal laughter,
a final, free debate watch party
& opportunities for free Liberal Cards.

If you love freedom, you'll love
Drinking, Laughing & Screening Liberally.

1. Laughing Liberally Lab - Tonight.

2. Complimentary tix to the NY premiere
of Oliver Stone's "W." - Tues, Oct 14th

3. The Final Debate Watch, plus
an all-female Laughing Liberally - Wed, Oct 15th.

4. The Liberal Card Give-Away.

5. Odds 'n Ends 'n Other

1. Tonight - 7:30 Doors / 8pm Show
@ The Grisley Pear - 107 MacDougal
between Bleecker & West 3rd.
No Cover; No Minimum; No Neocons.
Featuring Lee Camp, Harry Terjanian,
Elon James White, Myq Kaplan & Costaki Economopoulos

2. Tomorrow - Tues Oct 14th - 7:30pm
SCREENING LIBERALLY invites you to the premiere
of Oliver Stone's new film "W."
You need to pick up a pass-for-two in advance.
- Pick them up at tonight's Laughing Liberally,
7:30 onward at The Grisley Pear, 107 MacDougal.
- Pick them up tomorrow between 12:30 & 1:30
at the Starbucks on the SE corner of 35th & 8th
from a person in the window with an SL sign.
- Join us after the film to toast the lame duck
at Bar Nine - 9th Ave btw 53rd & 54th,
a short walk from the theater.

3. Wed, Oct 15th - 7:30 Doors / 8 Comedy / 9 Debate
Beforehand, an all-female Laughing Liberally
presented by the Hysterical Festival,
featuring Lizz Winstead, Katie Halper,
Erin Judge, Negin Farsad & Mindy Raf as Leibya Rogers
(Suggested donation: $5 for the comedy / Debate FREE)
The Tank @ DCTV (note location!)
87 Lafayette btw Walker & White

4. Get your complimentary LIBERAL CARD...
liberal pride, liberal community & liberal discounts.
We will be offering 50 Liberal Cards
at Wednesday's Debate Watch Party,
and 50 more at Drinking Liberally on Thursday,
at Rudy's - 9th Ave btw 44th & 45th.
Get discount tickets & books, free drinks
& more special offers -

5. Check out Section 60 on HBO,
the latest film by Jon Alpert & Matt O'Neill
(co-founder and director of Living Liberally)
about the families at Arlington National Cemetery.
Premiering this week on HBO.

Wall Street's Way to Forgive & Forget: We Give, They Get

We'll spend $850 billion for the health of Wall Street,
but the GOP is scared to spend a fraction of that
on the health of all Americans.

We'll rescue AIG with $85 billion & $38 billion more,
but the Right argues over whether to rescue families
who are facing foreclosures on their homes.

We've allowed an industry that rewards failed CEOs,
but conservatives think regular Americans
deserve to be punished when they fail to pay the bills.

On Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement,
it's appropriate to discuss forgiving & forgetting.
Thus Wall Street's for us giving & for them getting.

If you're fasting, come break fast,
& if not, come in a spirit of starting fresh
as you share drinks, share ideas & share an evening
(and get your free pass to W. - the movie - read on)
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30pm onward
Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
[backyard in all weather]
Questions: [email protected]

SCREENING LIBERALLY invites you to the NY premiere
of Oliver Stone's new movie "W."
Tuesday, Oct 14th - 7:30pm - location TBA.
Passes are required -- get your pass for 2 at:
- Drinking Liberally tonight, 7:30 on
- Laughing Liberally Monday, doors 7:30 / show 8pm
at the Grisley Pear, 107 MacDougal btw Bleecker & W. 3rd
(free show -
...we'll be giving out 50 passes at each event.

The Grisley Pear - 107 MacDougal btw Bleecker & W. 3rd
7:30 Doors / 8pm show - Free Admission

Wed, Oct 15th - 7:30 comedy / 9pm debate
The Tank @ DCTV - 87 Lafayette Street

Beginning at 7:30, come for the comedy as
The Hysterical Festival presents Laughing Liberally
Check out our participation in The Hysterical Festival,
an all-female line-up featuring Lizz Winstead.
More at

Here They Go Again: Obama & McCain, Take Two

The Windy City Wonder
takes on the Aging Arizona
as the two tango for the 2nd time.

With two locations to watch!

1. The Tank @ chashama - 217 East 42nd
Doors at 8:30; Debate at 9pm; FREE.
Hosted by Drinking Liberally, The Tank & chashama.

Join beforehand for a creative conversation
on "Hybrid Business Models for Cultural Institutions"
hosted by Emerging Leaders of NY Arts.
FREE - 6:30-8:30pm.

Cheap drinks; big screen; good fun.

2. Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
on the big screen in the outdoor backyard.
Doors always open; debate at 9pm
(you will be outside for this event)

Questions? Contact Justin Krebs
at [email protected]

And save the dates:

- Laughing Liberally Monday Oct 13th @ 8pm
at the Grisley Pear - MacDougal btw Bleecker & 3rd

- A Special Screening Liberally - TBA
Tues, Oct 14th - stay tuned...

- The Final Debate Watch - Wed, Oct 15th - 7:30pm

...and Drinking Liberally every Thursday, 7:30 onward.

One Who Talks Too Much vs One Who Knows Too Little

Biden has been at the lead in the Senate
proposing alternatives to Bush's foreign policy.
Palin's unfamiliar with the Bush doctrine.
But to push her on that is elitist.

Biden pressed & opposed Roberts & Alito.
Palin can't name a Supreme Court decision
other than Roe that she supports or opposes.
But to call her out on that is aggressive.

Biden's record has been through public scrutiny.
Palin can't explain how being next to Russia
counts as foreign policy experience,
& won't even tell us what she reads.
But to press her on that would be sexist.

You have one candidate known for talking too much
who'll try to say a lot less to not be aggressive.
And one who knows so little she has nothing to say.

Biden'll be biding his time & Palin pale in comparison
...this could be the quietest debate ever....
or is that an elitist, sexist thing to suggest?

Nobody should have to watch alone, or sober,
so join the debate -- share a drink & a night
with your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday.
7:30pm onward.

Tonight - debate-watch in two locations:
1. Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
7:30 onward - in the backyard
2. The Tank @ chashama - 217 East 42nd
Doors 7:30; comedy at 8; debate at 9

Rudy's is outside; The Tank is inside
Rudy's is a bar; The Tank has comedy
Rudy's has free hot dogs; The Tank has seating
Both have $3 beers, free admission, good people.

We want you to become a card-carrying liberal
Get your complimentary Liberal Card tonight --
25 cards will be offered at The Tank debate-watch.
Liberal pride, liberal community & liberal discounts.

For downtowners: DCTV will be watching the debate
- 87 Lafayette btw Walker & White.

In Brooklyn:
- Bill de Blasio invites you to watch the debate
at Hope Lounge, 10 Hope Street, Williamsburg
with drinks and food specials -- 7pm onward
- Pacific Standard - 82 4th Ave - will have the debate
with drink & food specials as well.

And coming this weekend: CRAFTING LIBERALLY
Join quilters, knitters, jewelers
& crafters of all cloth
for conversation & camaraderie.
Sunday, October 5th - 3-5pm
The Tank @ chashama (note location!)
217 East 42nd btw 2nd & 3rd

- justin, matt, katrina, josh
& the Drinking Liberally gang