The Original Drinking Liberally

Bush May Pardon Some Turkeys, But We Have a Lot to Be Thankful For

(Please note: DL gathers tonight, Wednesday,
not tomorrow due to Thanksgiving)

What we're thankful for:

A strategy to boost the economy with jobs,
a bold plan to invest in green infrastructure,
a commitment to healthcare & stem cell science,
& the promise to close Guantanamo.

That the voters said no to fear & smears,
that John McCain is more natural on Leno again,
& that the video of Palin and the turkey exists.

That with the end of this era, we'll say goodbye
to Bush, Cheney, Rice, Mukasey, Paulson, Chao,
the imperial executive & signing statements.

And that the progressive movement keeps fighting
& Drinking Liberally is part of that.

So while we know Bush will pardon some turkeys,
we can enjoy our non-butterball free-range poultry
knowing that whether you're happy with the election,
or energized to keep pushing on new terrain,
there's a lot for liberals to be thankful for.

Start your festivities with friendly faces
of your family of left-leaning libation-lifters
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - 7:30pm onward
(Thanksgiving is the one week when DL
traditionally meet Wednesday instead of Thurdsay)
Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
[backyard, dress warm]
Questions: [email protected]

Kick your holiday off with THE LIBERAL CARD:
- free drinks at Rudy's
- free movie offers
- discount theater tickets
- discounts on environmental gifts,
independent books, DVDs & more...
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Upcoming Events:

- Tues, Dec 2 - Laughing Liberally

- Tues, Dec 9 - Screening Liberally: FREEHELD

- Tues, Dec 16 - Laughing Liberally

- Thurs, Dec 18 - Drinking Liberally Holiday Party

- Tues, Dec 23 - Ha-Ha-Hannukah

Get your tix:

Screening, Drinking & Thanksgiving Liberally This Week

Dear Liberals -

We gear up for Thanksgiving with plenty to be thankful for.
Before you trade progressive politics for family politics,
join us for a few special events,
and mark your calendar for a few more.

in brief (full details below)...

1. Tomorrow: Tues 11/25: Screening Liberally presents
The Tank - 217 E 42nd - 6:30 Doors; 7:30 Film

2. Wednesday 11/26: DRINKING LIBERALLY Special Night

3. The Liberal Card - your perfect holiday gift -

4. Upcoming Events: Laughter, Films, Advocacy, Parties
- Dec 2 Laughing Liberally
- Dec 9 Screening Liberally on Marriage Equality
- Dec 16 Laughing Liberally
- Dec 18 Drinking Liberally Holiday Party
- Dec 23 Ha Ha Hannukah Comedy Night

in full...

1. Tomorrow: Tues 11/25 - Screening Liberally presents:
"HOPE DEFERRED" -- with guest speaker BROOKE ELLISON.
Brooke is an advocate, speaker, inspiration,
and founder of the Brooke Ellison Project
which advocates for expanded stem cell research.

Brooke is quadriplegic, confined to a wheelchair
since she was hit by a car in middle school.
She is a graduate of Harvard, best-selling author,
& national spokesperson for stem cell science.

Meet Brooke, learn about stem cell policy, & enjoy the film
during a unique & remarkable Screening Liberally event.

Filmmaker Jimmy Siegel -- who created ads for
the Hillary Clinton & Eliot Spitzer campaigns --
will be on hand for Q&A following the film.

Time: Doors 6:30; Film 7:30
Location: The Tank @ chashama
217 East 42nd btw 2nd & 3rd
FREE - suggested donation to cover cost of the venue
& to support the cause.

The Cause:
The Venue:
The Present:

2. Wednesday 11/26: DRINKING LIBERALLY Special Night
The only week we don't meet on Thursdays is Thanksgiving.
We meet Wednesday & give thanks for our liberal pals
in a special Thanksgiving-eve gathering.
Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
7:30pm onward

3. The Liberal Card - your perfect holiday gift -
Get yours today:
Boost the pride of your liberal family members
(or tease the more conservative ones) with THE LIBERAL CARD,
a personalized, wallet card -- the perfect gift.
Liberal pride, liberal community & liberal discounts,
this card makes you a "Card-Carrying Liberal"
and gets you benefits at bars, movie theaters and more.
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4. Upcoming Events: Laughter, Films, Advocacy, Parties

- Tues - Dec 2 - Laughing Liberally Victory Romp -
The Tank @ chashama - 217 East 42nd St btw 2nd & 3rd
7:30 Doors / 8pm Show

- Tues - Dec 9 - Screening Liberally on Marriage Equality
A screening of the Academy Award winning FREEHELD
about the partner of a dying police officer
denied benefits because they are the same sex.
Followed by a discussion of Prop 8
and efforts to bring marriage equality to New York State.
The Tank @ chashama - 217 East 42nd St btw 2nd & 3rd
Doors 7; Film 7:30; Discussion after the film

- Tues Dec 16 - Laughing Liberally Year In Review -
The Tank @ chashama - 217 East 42nd St btw 2nd & 3rd
7:30 Doors / 8pm Show

- Thursday Dec 18 Drinking Liberally Holiday Party
Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th

- Dec 23 Ha Ha Hannukah Comedy Night
The Tank @ chashama - 217 East 42nd St btw 2nd & 3rd

- Sunday Jan 18 - THE INAUGURAL BALL
...because DC shouldn't have all the fun...
Get your tix today:

Save the Date: The Living Liberally Inaugural Ball - Sunday, January 18th

Dear New York Liberals -

You are invited to the Living Liberally Inaugural Ball,
a night of dancing, drinking & celebrating democracy
on Sunday, January 18th from 8pm until midnight.

Get your tickets today:

Two days before we inaugurate President Obama
and on the eve of Martin Luther King Day,
make a hip happening holiday of this historic occasion,
joining special guests from the world of NY politics
and 500 of your energized, excited, activated friends
who are fired up and ready to party.

Tickets are available now, beginning at $20,
with a special offer for the Drinking Liberally community:
a LIBERAL DRINKER price that lets you drink all night
(offer only available through Thanksgiving).

Check out
for all the details or to get your tickets today.

We'll be taking over the 3-floor dance club Rush,
to bring a night of "party" politics to Manhattan,
and to make sure DC doesn't have all the fun.

More info to come, but we wanted you to be the first
to be invited to join the Inaugural moment.


- Justin, Katrina, Matt, Greg,
Josh, Mary, Claire, Katie
& the local Living Liberally gang

Surviving a National Car Crash

In a car accident, you hope your seat belts are on.
In our current economy, we need to ensure
government support keeps Americans strapped in.

Just as airbags cushion riders in trouble,
we need unemployment insurance, healthcare,
& mortgage support to cushion our fellow travelers.

To avoid a pile-up, you may need to accelerate,
just as we now need to accelerate our economy
with jobs, infrastructure & green investment.

And no matter how bad the car's condition,
nobody's left stranded at the side of the road.

Detroit's difficulties are trouble for us all:
if America's auto industry crashes, we'll need
smart safety steps to survive a national car crash.

Join the discussion & share a drink
(and have a designated driver, if you do)
with like-minded lefties & liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30pm onward
Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
[backyard, dress warmly!]
Questions: [email protected]


- There's a new DL chapter in the Village
meeting at LPR on Bleecker 1st Tuesday each month:

- Screening Liberally's hosting a special event
with Brooke Ellison, Jimmy Siegel and "Hope Deferred,"
a documentary about stem cell research.
Tues, Nov 25th - 6:30 Doors; 7:30 Film
The Tank @ chashama - 217 East 42nd St btw 2nd & 3rd /

- Make your holiday shopping easy with
a gift that keeps on giving with free drinks,
theater tickets, discounts on gifts and more.

- Save the Date: Sunday, January 18th

- Special Thanks to Rudy's and L'Allegria Pizza
for supporting last week's efforts at DL
to raise money and collect gifts for Veterans Day.

We Didn't Completely Break Our Democracy Yet

(Free food and free drinks this week for Veterans Day
-- RSVP & details below the weekly message)

The lamest duck invites the coolest kid over to his house,
& though they've disagreed & even dissed one another,
the two play nice in the Oval Office.

In a time of two wars, a veteran loses an election,
to a man who promises change in military direction,
& nobody's worried we'll see tanks circling the Capitol.

From the economy to healthcare to global climate change,
America's making new choices, possibly a leftward swing,
& right-wingers snipe on TV...but no sniping in the streets.

Despite flawed elections, curtailed liberties, a timid press,
corporate interference, corruption, incompetence & fear..
we didn't manage to completely break democracy yet.

Turns out democracy is a little stronger than that after all...

In honor of Veterans Day, this week will be a special DL:
donate gifts or money to our troops & veterans
& get a FREE drink, courtesy of Rudy's, & FREE pizza
sponsored by CREDO Mobile's "End of Bush" parties
provided by l'Allegria the backyard of Rudy's.

Please RSVP so we can bring enough pizza:

Bring phonecards, magazines, DVDs,
non-melting candies, powdered drinks
or a financial donation to veterans advocacy.

Then raise a glass both to the results of the election
& that we had an, that's worth toasting.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30pm onward
Rudy's - 9th Ave btw 44th & 45th
[backyard - dress warm!]
Questions: [email protected]

Upcoming Events:

Sun 11/23 - Crafting Liberally - 3pm

Tues 11/25 -7pm - Screening Liberally Presents:

Tues 12/2 - 8pm - Laughing Liberally -

Tues 12/9 - 7pm - Screening Liberally presents:
A PROP 8 REACTION - The award-winning FREEHELD
plus guest speakers about marriage equality

Tues 12/16 - 8pm - Laughing Liberally

Thurs 12/18 - 7:30pm
Drinking Liberally HOLIDAY PARTY

Tues 12/23 - 7:30: Laughing Liberally presents...
HA-HA-HANNUKAH: A night of transdenominational comedy

...and stay tuned: THE INAUGURAL BALL

Honoring Liberally - Veterans Day, Special Events & More

Dear Liberals -

A week ago, we voted liberally...and look at the results! Now there are reasons to celebrate, to gather & to honor those who serve our country.

Announcements / Events/ Opportunities Below:

1. Veterans Day @ DL - Thursday
2. Reading Liberally Introductory Meeting - Tomorrow
3. Upcoming Liberally Events

1. In honor of Veterans Day, we have a special Drinking Liberally Thursday.
We'll have food, courtesy of CREDO's "End of Bush" parties,
and we'll be collecting donations to support our troops and our veterans.

For anyone who donates supplies or money, free pizza
and a free drink courtesy of Rudy's.
So bring phonecards, magazines, powdered drinks, non-melting candies or money to support veterans advocacy groups,
get your free drink, enjoy L'Allegria pizza & make a difference.

DRINKING LIBERALLY - Thursday 11/13 - 7:30pm onward
Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th - backyard (dress warm)

2. READING LIBERALLY INTRODUCTORY MEETING - Tomorrow - 6:30 onwards - Tea Spot - Wednesday 11/12

You've drunk, laughed & eaten Liberally.
Now come READ Liberally as we kick off
the latest chapter of our liberal literature group.

On Wednesday night, our book club begins
with plenty of tea and friendly discussion,
along with a leg up on our December selection,
George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Wednesday, Nov 12th - 6:30pm
Tea Spot - 127 MacDougal Street, btw w 3rd & w 4th, in the basement
(tea and sandwich house - you can get food there)
Questions: [email protected]
And join our Reading Liberally mailing list...

3. Stay tuned...

11/23 - Crafting Liberally
11/25 - Screening Liberally: Hope Deferred
12/2 - Laughing Liberally: Victory Laughter
12/9 - Prop 8 Screening Liberally: Freeheld
12/16 - Laughing Liberally Year-in-Review
12/23 - Laughing Liberally Presents...Ha-Ha-Hannukah

1/16 - 1/20 - An Inaugural Festival
including THE INAUGURAL BALL...stay tuned.

Drunk on Democracy...with Drinking Liberally

Yes, we can.

Elect a new President, from a new generation,
with new vision, language, spirit,
& an American story unlike any past President
but increasingly like the story of America.

Yes, we can.

Start imagining solutions, not just problems,
as this moment of election already begins the work
of reviving our national spirit
& restoring admiration for America around the world.

Yes, we can.

Say no to fear & smears, slanders & panders,
no to callous, corporate, corrupt, cronyism,
say "No More" to war, torture & to utter disregard
for our earth, our neighbors & the least among us.

And now we need to keep up the fight:
to hold a new President & Congress accountable,
to create equal rights & protections for all,
to engage the public in governing, not just campaigning.

This week we got tipsy sipping the drink of democracy.
...but there's nothing wrong with being a democraholic.
Let's keep Drinking Liberally.

Raise a glass, a toast & a barbaric yawp
as we celebrate, embrace, hope & imagine
over liberal libations with like-minded left-leaners
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30pm Onward
Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
[backyard - in all weather - dress warm]
Questions: [email protected]

Celebrate the election with the perfect gift:
...liberal pride, liberal community & liberal discounts.

Do More Than Vote

Liberal Drinkers -

Tomorrow is a day that we've been dreaming of,
planning for, arguing about & toasting to.

Make it memorable -- and make your memories proud ones.

Make sure you pull a lever,
if you have time pick up a phone or knock some doors,
& at the end of the night, lift a glass.

1. Go Vote
2. Do More Than Vote
3. Where Do I Go On Election Night

1. If you have any questions about voting,
check out --
polling locations, hours, frequently-asked questions.

2. For those wanting to volunteer,
here's some information you may find useful:
- go to
- in NY? - Go to directly.
- Limited time? - make calls in NY, all hours:

And our friends at the Working Families Party
ask you to consider voting on Row E: for more info.

3. If the question is "Where Do I Go On Election Night?"
the answer:
for listings of all the Drinking Liberally events:
- The Tank @ DCTV - 87 Lafayette
- Comix - 353 West 14th @ 9th
- Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
- Professor Thom's - 2nd btw 13th & 14th
- The Grisley Pear - 107 MacDougal
- LPR - Bleecker & Thompson

It only comes once every four years --
make sure you'll be proud of where you were
& how you spent this Election Day.

Happy Election Day
- justin krebs, Drinking Liberally