Meeting 9/29

DL Addison will be back at Sherlocks back patio for Thursday 9/29. Join everyone there!

New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund

Preservation Hall is raising money for the city's musicians. You can also get a nice t-shirt for a donation.

Unstable Planet

It appears that the consequences of global warming are well underway. Bigger storms, more droughts – more people displaced. Even though New Orleans will get rebuilt this time what about the next time? There is no public policy in the US that even begins to address the issues we are facing. In fact the Bush Administration continues to ignore the problems and says more study is needed. So as our planet grows warmer and more intense storms ravage us the list of environmental refuges is going to get longer and longer.

Global What…

I worked in the Salvation Army’s warehouse this week, helping sort out the last of the donations from Hurricane Katrina. As I sorted through the hodgepodge of clothes, toys, food and toiletries the word came in that Rita was now a category five hurricane moving steadily toward the Texas coast.

In the sweltering heat of the warehouse I couldn’t help but wonder if people are going to be more receptive to hearing the message about global warming and its consequences. For sure the Bushbots are going to continue in their comatose drone ways either ignoring it or calling it “junk science” but maybe some folks are finally waking up to the harsh reality of what a messed up environment breeds.

So now Rita is waiting to come ashore and provide us yet again with another wake up call from Mother Nature. You can almost smell the panic in the air or is that just the ozone?

9/22 meeting

Join us at Sherlocks 7pm Thursday 9/22 for fun in the pre-Rita happy hour!

Rita's coming . . .

According to this web site she's headed straight for Waxahachie!

(But not in time to rain on our next meeting at the Pub!)

Oktoberfest rain out

Oktoberfest got rained on. To those who did show up, sorry I missed it but I dont like mud. Come out to Sherlocks next Thursday!

Oktoberfest and our 3 month anniversary

Thurs Sept 15th is Addison Oktoberfest and our biggest group yet will be attending. We have reservations and libations set for 12! If you didn't get a reserved spot, you can still feel free to drop by and say hi.

And as you can see in honor of the event, we are now the Addison DL. We aren't meeting in Dallas so the change was a long time coming (and probably relieves Dave Alpert, our national admin).

This is our 3rd month in existance and it keeps getting better!

We'll be meeting at Sherlocks in Addison starting Sept 22nd.