Sorry we have to disable the comments option on our blog. We're being hit by spammers wanting us to visit their online casinos or buy some viagra. But none of our members really use the comment option, so it shouldnt affect anything. Feel free to email us directly with any comments :)

And your winning number is....

19! Thanks to the 19 folks who came out to have some liberal drinks with liberal drinkers. Thanks to The Quarter for giving us a good price as well!

Thanks to the candidates who visited us last week. Amy Manuel, candidate for Denton County Commissioner pct 2; Alan Barr, candidate for Dallas County Criminal Court Judge #6; and Judge Sally Montgomery, incumbent candidate for Dallas County Court #3.

Dont forget to come next month on Feb 16th, just before early voting begins for the primary. We should have even more candidates coming, and we will let you know who as soon as we know!

Meeting Jan 19th

Everyone remember the next meeting is this coming Thursday the 19th. We hope we can have just as many people out this time as we did last month and maybe more! Just want to mention, that The Quarter's manager said there is no more band on Thursdays!! So we can talk as long as we need to now.

We're also trying to get the word out even more. I actually just sent out invites to several groups in Denton County, so maybe we will generate some more turnout that way. If anyone has other ideas to spread the word, then by all means let us know.