Sioux Falls

Oacoma , anyone ?

Hey! Today finds some of the Drinking Liberally family in Oacoma, South Dakota at the Democratic Party's State Convention. Last night the State e-board met to a large crowd of interested Democrats to outline its progress and plans for the upcoming election. It promises to be a good year for Democrats and the state party has been doing the hard work needed to fulfill that promise.

Today we work on the Democratic State Platform and try to save the World so we will miss those of you who toil for a living so the rest of us can politic. We may be here and you may be there, but Drinking Liberally will meet as usual at Shenanigan's. Enjoy yourselves. We will be thinking of you while we save the World. It is tough work but someone has to do it.

Have a Drink for us.

As you know you shouldn't let our name mislead you, we Drink Conservatively for a short while before we steel ourselves to Drink Liberally. But we have not had time to learn how to input our tagline with this new software. So, until our next invitation, enjoy the day. And remember, Drinking Liberally tonight, at Shenanigan's in the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls.

Shenanigan's again today, 5:00 PM

A Reminder: We now are meeting at Shenanigan's Pub in the Empire Mall.

It is nice the intensity of the Democratic Primary has ended. Those who lost, tend to the wounds to their pride and their hopes. They look to the future and draw solace in its possibilities. Those who won attempt a show of magnanimity, knowing they need the help of their former competitors, while privately relishing their triumph and preparing for the fall campaign. The ambitious seek out new alliances and surprise people with their friendliness and concern. While the wise make note of all the volunteers who manned the battlements, made the phone calls, canvassed the neighborhoods, contributed the resources, and cheered their candidate, knowing the future success of progressive candidates lies in the continued involvement of these participants, old and new.

As for Drinking Liberally, we are neither wise nor ambitious. We were neutral during the campaign out of a sense of self-preservation. ( Color us cowardly.) But we are determined to be a way station of camaraderie, a safe harbor where you can enjoy your favorite refreshment and reflect and re-connect with friends. A place to talk about the things we need to do.

So stop by tonight and share some time with us. We can talk about Bushes 25% approval rating ( only 15% approve him strongly ). It has come slowly and it is late ( maybe too late ) but people have caught on to our fraternity rush-chairman President. Gas sells for over $4.00 a gallon, the Dollar is worth less than half what it was when Clinton left office. Inflation threatens to increase dramatically. Unemployment increased half a percent last month. Things don't look good and the hole Bush has given us looks very deep. Thank you Bush. Thank you Republicans.

And on the personal side, Scott McCellan is testifying before the House about the Plame affair as I write. Rove has been called to testify about the politicization of the Justice Department. Gen. Tugaba, the General who wrote the report on the Abu Graub prison, accused the Administration of War Crimes. Half of the Bush administration should be in jail or headed thereto. But, between the Republicans and the Blue Dog Democrats, it is difficult for Congress to find the courage to stop the corruption and the subversion of our constitution. Justice, it is such a gray area anyway. It looks like Justice will be left to history. "Worst President Ever" without much doubt. A consolation but not much comfort. And Bush doesn't give a damn anyway. "What me care!" he would say. " I've got mine. " It is the Bush way. It is the Republican way.

And then today, Tele-com immunity is scheduled to pass the House. Unwarranted, universal wiretapping of our communications will continue, now with the veil of legality. Doesn't it make you feel safer? Mr. 25% wins again. How about a little courage congressman, congresswoman. Thank you Republicans, thank you Blue Dog Democrats, thank you Congress.

We still have a lot of work to do but first I need a Drink. Join me.

Since progressives believe in giving everyone a shot of the good life, we do not want our name to mislead anyone. We drink conservatively from 5:00- 5:08, moderately from 5:09-5:18, and liberally from 5:19 to whenever. And, of course, as the Beer and Alcohol Companies encourage, we always drink responsibly.
Location: Shenanigan's Pub in the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls.
When: 5:00 Friday, June 20th, Until: Whenever (But if you stay for Karaoke, you've stayed too long.)
Hosts: Sheldon Osborn 376-6852, Barry "The Man" Foster 728-1445, Eileen VanSoest, Diane Bryan, and Lance Moran.

Running Late

Drinking Liberally has a new web site which I am just getting used to. Great functionality, but you have to learn how to use it first. I have finally gotten far enough to send out this belated invitation to our happy group in the hope some of you can come tonight.

Remember we have moved to Shenanigan's Pub in the Empire Mall. A great place and it is Democratically owned too.

You can check out the new web site at and see what the new national site can do. Perhaps a bunch of drunks from New York can get something done after all.

More and better stuff next week. Promise.