Is it that time already?

Time flies eh? Join us tomorrow for Drinking Liberally Denver.

Thanks to our Save the Ales event, the Rocky Mountain News is doing an article on us. We submitted the following to try to describe our different chapters:

Living Liberally
Political action through social interaction. Or, when drinking isn't enough, why not do everything liberally?*

* May not always apply, offer not valid when civill rights being invalidated.

Reading Liberally

Gives progressive authors an audience across America. Reading Liberally book tours help create events for traveling authors -- whether you are in a conservative desert or liberal oasis, there is an audience ready to welcome you home.

Screening Liberally

We started Screening Liberally because films shouldn't end when the lights go up. This isn't just about motion pictures—this is about the big picture.

Eating Liberally

Because it sounds better than burping liberally?

Shooting Liberally

Aiming for democracy ....We've dealt plenty with the 1st amendment. Some liberals enjoy firearms too, so let's take on the 2nd.

And if you're free next Monday evening, Rep. Grace Napolitano (CA-38) will be in town. Part of her trip is to tour the National Renewable Energy Lab. She's the chairwoman of the Water & Power Subcommittee as well as sitting on the House Transportation Committee, Railroad Subcommittee, Highways & Transit Subcommittee, Water, Resources & Environment Subcommittee, and Co-Chair Congressional Mental Health Caucus. Phew!

The following folks are hosting a benefit for her Monday June 30th:
Zee Ferrufino, State Party Chair Pat Waak, State Rep. Morgan Carroll, John Barton, Joe Whitcomb, Mark Shively, Terry Snyder, Aaron Silverstein, John Erhardt, Ron Clark, and Bill Winter

Monday, June 30th, 2008--6:00 to 8:00p.m.
The Alibi Lounge
1523 Market Street
Donations of any amount gladly accepted!
Please make checks payable to: Napolitano for Congress

As always Drinking Liberally Denver is
2nd and 4th Wednesdays
Double Daughters
1632 Market St.
7:30pm onward
back of the bar, up the stairs,

John, Kath, and Sarah

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Adam sez:

Greetings you liberal film addicts. Yet another month has passed and once again, we will be getting together on Wednesday to enjoy the three essentials to a good life, Popcorn, Booze, and Movies.

Get yer popcorn on and join us Wednesday, June 18th for Screening Liberally at the Mayan theater on Broadway btw 1st and 2nd (every 3rd Wednesday, 7pm).

This month's movie is BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER, a documentary about the use of steroids in America.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 100% Fresh rating.

The drinking starts at 6:30, the movie starts at 7:15.

Discounted tickets available through us are $6.25 in person, but it helps if you can bring exact change.

Watch The Trailer See you at the movies!

As always Screening Liberally Denver is:
Third Wednesday of each month, Time varies
The Mayan Theatre, 110 Broadway (Broadway btw 1st and 2nd)
Tickets to the movie are discounted to $6.25.



Why are so many of our heroes on performance enhancing drugs? From the producers of Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 comes a new documentary that unflinchingly explores our win-at-all-cost culture through the lens of a personal journey. Blending comedy and pathos, writer/director Christopher Bell's film is a collision of pop culture, animated sequences and first-person narrative, with a diverse cast including U.S. Congressmen, professional athletes, medical experts and everyday gym rats. At its heart, this is the story of the director and his two brothers, who grew up idolizing muscular giants like Hulk Hogan, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and who went on to become members of the steroid-subculture in an effort to realize their American dream. When you discover that your heroes have all broken the rules, do you follow the rules, or do you follow your heroes?

No ales were harmed in the making of this event

Though many were consumed. If you made it out, thanks so much to helping make it a great event. We had about 100 people show up a on a Wednesday when there were also a whole bunch of non-profit and political events. One was just down the street at the Mayan Theater for Mollie Cullom. We raised over $1300 and drank almost 3 kegs of beer. A significant portion of that will be going to Environment Colorado RPC to help their efforts in fighting global warming.

Before we get to the pictures, I wanted to share a unique opportunity for folks that want to be a part of the DNC Convention. A company called Amerivents was hired to staff a number of suites and events for delegates and other officials. Another round of interviews for these events is happening next week. If you have experience as a waiter, hostess, bartender etc:

Amerivents Job Fair on Wednesday June 18 and Thursday June 19

Between 3:00pm and 7:00pm
Location- Pepsi Center
901 Auraria Pkwy. Denver, CO 80202

To be considered:
Call Amerivents!
(646) 673-8811 ask for Amy

Or email us at [email protected] and supply us with your name, phone number, and email address

And now the pictures.

Mathematically Challenged Quartet and our snazzy DL banner

Mario Solis-Marich and unnamed shoulder.

We kept three bartenders pretty busy

I swear Adam had only one beer.

Next week is Screening Liberally. We should have the movie, time, and location soon.

BTW, with our new website, these emails are posted as a blog to the chapter page. So, you can always check for info on the next event.
John, Kath, Sarah, and Adam

Beer is cheaper

Of course if we would use less gasoline, the price would go down. Using less gas would put less CO2 in the atmosphere which would save the ales. Funny how that works.

John McCain hates teh Ales

What interesting timing. Today, John McCain said the following:

"I will use the veto as needed. I will veto every single beer — bill with earmarks," he said, as rumblings from the crowd could be heard. "And every single bill that we have come across my desk I will make them famous. I will veto them, you will know their names."

On the eve of Save the Ales John McCain has the audacity to threaten us beer drinkers? Oh the humanity!

Here's the video.
Okay, it was a "slip of the tongue" but still. Are we going to take that? Heck no, Save the Ales, lagers too.

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It's about that time to save some ales...and lagers

Hey liberal drinkers. You'll notice this email looks a little different. That's because our new site is up at Check it out; play around; let us know what you think. The denver chapter page is here.

We have a lot to celebrate. It's been 5 years since the first Drinking Liberally chapter in New York. Since launching our 50 bar strategy, we've hit all 50 states and over 250 chapters. But, we wouldn't be liberals if we weren't trying to save something at the same time. So, let's save some ales. Lagers too. Join us this Wednesday, June 11th, at the Skylark Lounge for Save the Ales.

We're fighting global warming. It's now affecting even the making of beer. If we want to continue drinking liberally, we're going to have to do something about that! It starts with a donation at the door. Additional funds are raised with every beer you drink ($2 each) from our sponsors - Avery Brewing, Left Hand Brewing, and Flying Dog Ales.

After some brief introductions, the Mathematically Challenged Quartet will start off the evening. They're working on a few new songs for the evening including a new take on a certain John Denver song to be titled, "Thank God I'm a liberal."

Headlining the evening will be Ten Pound Elephant with their funk-based, edgy, psychedelic, and jazz influenced music to make people dance.

We're also planning a number of swaggy give-aways throughout the evening.

About our sponsors:

We can't say enough about the Skylark Lounge. These guys have opened their doors for us and couldn't do more to help this be a kick-ass party and celebration.

Then there's the beer. Oh, yummy beeeeeer. Whether you like Avery's Karma, Lefthand's Sawtooth Ale, or FlyingDog's Doggie Style Pale Ale, we're all sure to find an ale worth saving.

A little about our special guest:

Mario Solis-Marich has had a progressive talk show on AM760 for several months now. His show is insightful, reasoned, but ready to let right-wing callers have it if they step out of line.

About Environment Colorado RPC:
Environment Colorado Research & Policy Center focuses on protecting air and water quality, promoting a sustainable energy policy, implementing transit oriented solutions to Colorado's transportation problems and curbing sprawl by promoting responsible land use planning. Environment Colorado RPC investigates problems, crafts solutions, educates the public and decision makers, and helps Coloradans make their voices heard in local, state and national debates over the quality of our environment and our lives.

The whole reason we were motivated to do this is to celebrate 5 years of Drinking Liberally and expanding into all 50 states with 250 chapters.

Proceeds will benefit Environment Colorado RPC and Living Liberally.

This time Drinking Liberally Denver is doing Save the Ales
Skylark Lounge
140 S. Broadway
Wednesday, June 11th
7pm till we drink all the beer

We hope to see you there,
John, Kath, and Sarah