VP debate and liberal card

We'll be drinking liberally Wednesday night again, but will also be back at the Skylark for the VP debate Thursday. Will it be a Palin smackdown, or will Joe Biden run off the stage crying? The debate again starts at 7pm. So, join us Thurdsay starting around 6:30pm. The last time I gathered an extra $7 for pizza, so we're already ahead of the game this time. The guys at Pizza Vera say their transformation into Sexy Pizza should be complete pretty soon.

Here are the tentative drinking game rules:

Take a Sip when either says:
Foreign Policy
Hair Plugs

or when:
Joe Biden refers to his opponent as Tina Fey
Palin makes fun of Biden's age
Biden makes fun of Palin's age

Take a Gulp when:
Biden mentions lipstick,
pigs, or hockey
Biden clarifies what he meant about clean coal

Chug when:
Biden gets something wrong such as being against clean coal
Biden mentions Plain's looks
Palin denies the existence of global warming

Celebratory Toast if:
Palin doesn't show up as she's attending her daughter's shotgun wedding
Bill or Hillary Clinton show up to debate Biden instead of Palin
Palin tries a joke about her inexperience

Finish Your Drink if:
Sarah Palin starts crying
Joe Biden starts crying
You start crying
Palin says she'll have to get back to Biden on something
Biden casts a spell on Palin
Palin actually answers a foreign policy question correctly

To help promote the Liberal Card, we're giving a bunch of them away. In addition to the national discounts, we have quite a few in Denver, so we're giving away 250 cards. Here's how it will work. If you bring a new friend to Drinking or any of our other Liberally chapters this month, you'll get a card. If you help signup a new local business to give liberal discounts, you'll get your own card and a snazzy DL bottle opener.

Drinking Liberally Denver is
every wednesday
Skylark Lounge
140 S Broadway

See ya tomorrow or for the debate at 6:30 Thursday.
John, Kath, and Sarah

McCain is scared to debate? What's he afraid of?

Supposedly McCain has suspended his campaign to concentrate on the financial crisis and he wants to postpone the debates. However, his ads are still running, his surrogates are still blabbering away, and McCain is scheduled to be on several talk/news shows later today. One of the news reports had the McCain campaign wanting to postpone his debate to replace the 10-02 VP debate. So, is this really just a cover to further protect Palin?

Even CNN is sick of how little McCain lets Palin out to play:

And judging by her performance with Catie Couric yesterday, that's a wise move.

Anyway, according to Obama, and the debate commission, it's still on, so we'll see you tomorrow at the Skylark, 6:30pm for a 7pm debate start time. If you've got suggestions for the drinking game rules, send them on my way.


Broncos, Drinking, Screening, and finally Debating Liberally

This is a week packed full of Liberally stuff. Sunday is a perfect time to canvass for your favorite candidate (wink, wink). Conventional Colorado wisdom says however not to canvass during the Game. Perfect. Canvass before, then join us at 2pm at Jack N Grill for Sporting Liberally.
From Wade:
Broncos-Saints - Sporting Liberally Sun. Jack N Grill

Guys, for those of you who did not think it was possible, the Broncos are off to a 2 and 0 season and so is Sporting Liberally.
This week features the Broncos versus the Saints.
Should be a good one,
and don't forget that Jack n Grill has the 10% feature for all living liberally cardholders...
see you Sunday at 2 at Jack n Grill.

Tuesday the 23rd, Michael Moore's new film Slacker Uprising is available for download. I requested a download, and maybe we can watch that at the normal Drinking Liberally on Wednesday while other folks are off watching Religulous. What do you think?

Finally, Friday night is the first presidential debate. Come on by the Skylark at 6:30 as the debate starts at 7pm local time. We should have debate drinking game rules soon.

From now on Drinking Liberally Denver is
Every Wednesday
Skylark Lounge
140 S Broadway

John, Kath, and Sarah

last minute notice. We're still drinking liberally tonight

I'm not used to having to send a reminder every week. I think all the Obama in Golden, Obama in Golden excitement also got to me.

We'll be joined tonight by two folks from the Denver Elections Division. They'll briefly talk about the upcoming election process, but are also looking for poll workers. If you can't make it tonight but are still interested, I can get you in touch with them.

I wanted to share two things from yesterday. First is this photo of one of four or five "protesters" at Mines. I guess spelling isn't his strong point.

Also, this video is getting round the series of tubes from "Billy Mires" bus driver of the Straight Talk Express

It looks like this month we'll have dueling Liberallys as Lions Gate Films is sending us some passes to see the new Bill Maher film Religulous next week the 24th at Chez Artists on S. Colorado blvd. We have a few free passes for this so send me an email if you'd like to go. We'll also be at the Skylark that Wednesday, then Friday (the 26th) back at the Skylark for the 1st debate watching party.

Are you fired up?

Ready to go!

John, Sarah, Kath, Paul, and Adam

The debates are coming, the debates are coming

The debates are coming, the debates are coming

Hang on a minute. Before we get into that we have Sporting Liberally for Sunday afternoon football. It's a home game, but if you don't want to sit with a bunch of beligerent drunks, maybe you'd like to watch the game with a bunch of liberals. The game is against the 49ers and we'll meet at Jack N Grill at 2524 Federal at 2pm. The owner Jack is really excited to have us, wanting to be a part of the liberal card. He's also got an Obama-rita drink special. Hope to see you there.

Next up are the debate watch parties:

* Friday, Sept. 26 (Oxford, Mississippi)

* Thursday, October 2 (St Louis, Missouri (VP))

* Tuesday, October 7 (Nashville, TN)

* Wednesday, October 15 (New York)

I've already cleared it with the Skylark. Even though they have bands playing some of those nights, we'll still be done before any of that starts. As soon as we know the start times I'll let you all know, but it will likely be for primetime tv so expect 7 or 8pm. I'll be confirming with Sexy Pizza if our Drinking Liberally special is still good for those nights. I think we caught them by surprise when we ordered 10 pizzas during the DNC. In case you're wondering, Sexy Pizza is still technically called Pizza Vera at 1018 E 11th (at Ogden) Phone: (303) 830-8111

If you need options, the Denver Young Dems are holding watch parties at Senger’s on the Fax at 3014 East Colfax

Drinking Liberally Denver is now
Every Wednesday
Skylark Lounge
140 S Broadway
7:30pm onward

John, Sarah, and Kath

Hey, we're every week now

No more trying to remember which week is which. If it's Wednesday, it's time for Drinking Liberally Denver. Join us tomorrow, at the Skylark.

I just came back from the Living Liberally conference in Charlotte, NC. Eventually, I'll catch up on my sleep. One neat idea we were able to explore a bit more was the idea of regional conferences. Here's my take on it. So that we can meet up with all of our great chapters on the Western Slope, maybe meet somewhere like Vail or Glenwood Springs. For us city slickers, we can rent a party bus to get there. If Paul ever finishes the Drinking Liberally song he's working on, we'll sing that all the way there.

This isn't something we're going to do next week. After all, there are elections coming up and stuff. But it is something that might be nice to do in late spring when doing an event in the mountains isn't so expensive.

We also talked about the Liberal Card a bit more. You've probably seen mine, as I am a proud card carrying liberal. In addition to nation discounts, we're adding local discounts all the time. For example, if you can't wait for Drinking Liberally Denver's all evening happy hour prices at the Skylark Lounge, with the Liberal Card you get that any time you go there. We're also about to add a massage therapist discount, and the restaurant Jack N Grill. BTW, once we hit a large enough number of Liberal Card members, we turn it into a Liberal credit card with Working Assets. I'd call this shilling, but I don't get paid to push the Liberal card...yet.

Sporting Liberally was last night. Wade and I recorded a little video almost like we were Living Liberally sports casters. Once it's up, I'll share with you all. We'll be sporting liberally again at Jack N Grill for the next game in a few weeks.

From now on Drinking Liberally Denver is,
Every Wednesday
Skylark Lounge
140 S. Broadway
7:30 pm onwards

John, Sarah, and Kath

Eating Liberally New Lacation and Sporting Liberally as Your Last Liberal Resort

Howdy Y'all!

This Sunday is an Eating Liberally at a very liberal locale known as The Mercury Cafe. The Merc has been in Denver for years and long been a bastion of liberalism and participatory Democracy. Many foods are natural, organic, local, veg, vegan, gluten-free, etc. Here is where we come to terms with the fact that everything in our lifestyles, is political, especially the food we eat.

This month at Eating Liberally we feature a very special guest from The Denver Elections commission who will talk to us about becoming election judges so Bush/McCain won't steal Colorado from us!

This is a very important Eating Liberally at a new location and a new time! 12:30 on to 3:00 at 2199 California st. Click here to get a personalized map, just for you!

You must RSVP by clicking here by Saturday 5:00 pm to get in! If you do not RSVP, you will not be able to get in.

Brunch is about $10 a plate and about 7$ for an organic and delicious drink.

See you there!

And if after Eating, Drinking, Shooting, Laughing, Screening, et cetera-ing Liberally, you still haven't found a place to do your thing liberally, starting Monday you will be able to Sporting Liberally which, is kinda all of 'em combined.

Join us at Jack N Grill, 8pm, at 2524 Federal Blvd to watch the Broncos face the Raiders. Sporting Liberally gives like-minded, left-leaning individuals a place to politics and sports. If we get a good crowd, we'll be doing this every time the Broncos play. Our host is DL regular Wade Norris who also hosts Ultimate Politics Saturday mornings on 1510 AM - Mile High Sports Radio.

John, Kath, Fong, and Wade

McCain on the Rocks, and announcing Sporting Liberally coming to Monday night Football

If you couldn't make it yesterday, we're doing it again. This time watching what lies, gaffs, and hilarity comes out of John McCain's mouth tonight. I can sum up Palin's speech in a few words: Barack Obama is too popular, community organizing is something to laugh at, and did you know John McCain was a POW? Just like John McCain compared to George Bush, we're sure to get more of the same from him tonight.

So join us tonight at the Skylark Lounge, 140 S. Broadway, starting at 7:30pm for $3 drinks, and pizza from Sexy Pizza, and CSPAN on the big TV (so we don't have to be told what the think by the flappy headed talking heads). After this we'll be back to our now every Wednesday schedule.

In cooperation with People for the American Way, here's an excerpt of the rules. We'll have a few copies on hand tonight. Or, you can bring your own or follow along at home.

The Official Drinking Liberally
McCain Convention Speech Drinking Game

Take a Sip when
He Says:
- faith
- service
- experience
- Barack Obama
- global war on terror
or when:
- he makes reference to being a POW
- he compares himself to Ronald Reagan
- he calls Iraq a success
- he praises Sarah Palin by name

Take a Gulp when:
He Says:
- my friends
- George Bush
- maverick
- Joe Lieberman
- Vietnam

Then, on Monday night September 8th we're going to try out Sporting Liberally. Join us at Jack N Grill, 8pm, at 2524 Federal Blvd to watch the Broncos face the Raiders. Sporting Liberally gives like-minded, left-leaning individuals a place to politics and sports. If we get a good crowd, we'll be doing this every time the Broncos play. Our host is DL regular Wade Norris who also hosts Ultimate Politics Saturday mornings on 1510 AM - Mile High Sports Radio.

John, Kath, Sarah, and Wade

The Sarah Palin Drinking Liberally drinking game

If you can join us tonight, see you at the Skylark. Otherwise, you can still play at home. It looks like Rudy 9-11 Giuliani speaks before Palin around 8pm local time.

Modified from the McCain on the Rocks Drinking Liberally drinking game

Palin on the Rocks:
The Official Drinking Liberally
Sarah Palin Convention Speech Drinking Game

Take a Sip when
She Says:
- faith
- Barack Obama
- abortion
- pregnancy

or when:
- She claims that "the media" is attacking her family
- She makes reference to being governor of Alaska
- She talks about the sanctity of life
- She makes a positive reference to Hillary Clinton
- She mentions Cindy McCain

Take a Gulp when:
- She claims that "the Democrats/Democrat party" is attacking her party
- She makes reference to being a beauty queen
- She uses a down-homey aphorism
- She makes a positive reference to Geraldine Ferraro
- She calls Obama a muslim
- She references her relationship with God
- She mentions the lack of a vetting process

Chug when:
- She claims that Joe Biden is attacking her family
- She makes reference to being a tv sports anchor
- She says that she "won't apologize" for something (e.g. her family, being who she is, being a christian, etc.)
- She makes a positive reference to Gloria Steinem

Celebratory Toast if:
- She forgets a line/stumbles through a line
- She tries a joke about her inexperience

Finish Your Drink if:
- She is replaced by Phyllis Schlafly
- She mentions VPILF
- She claims that Barack Obama is attacking her family
- She makes reference to being a secessionist and/or under investigation
- She performs an abortion on live television
- She makes a positive reference to Andrea Dworkin

Many of you might also want to get together to watch McCain's speech Thursday night. The Skylark already has DJs booked that night, but Scott says we're still welcome for that speech too. McCain's speech should likely also be sometime after 8pm local time.

Drinking Liberally Denver is now
Every Wednesday
Skylark Lounge
140 S. Broadway
7:30pm onward

John, Kath, and Sarah

What if you Drank Liberally every week?

I'm sure some of you already do, but now we can make it official. Since I now have a much shorter work commute, and my liver is still fine after a week of the DNC in our backyards, what the heck, let's do this every week. So, see ya this week, at the Skylark. For you movie buffs, don't worry, Adam's already agreed to move Screening Liberally to another night. yaaaaaah!

For the few of you that missed our big party last week, you didn't think I'd leave you hanging? How about pictures? These are all at, but here I'm only including the DL related ones.

lee camp at skylkark_72dpi
Funny guy Lee Camp

halper at skylark_72dpi
Funny girl Katie Halper

max at skylark_72dpi
Max and the Marginalized play loud! I wanted to say, "if it's too loud, you're too old!"

max at skylark2_72dpi

baratunde and Daryl
Baratunde Thurston did also perform at the Skylark but this photo with Daryl Hannah is far better.

From now on Drinking Liberally Denver is:
Every Wednesday
Skylark Lounge
140 S. Broadway
7:30pm onward

John, Kath, and Sarah