10 things to be thankful for

...from a Drinking Liberally perspective.

#10 - Our buddies at the Skylark Lounge who have opened their bar (and hearts) to us

#9 - The internet, which doth make it easy to send out our weekly DL reminders

#8 - Beer. Booze. Hard Liquor. Shots. Soda. Coffee. Water. And anything else that's drinkable

#7 - A BLUE STATE!!! Woohoo!

#6 - Did we mention the internet??

#5, #4, #3 All the Volunteers, Canvassers, Phone Bankers, Bloggers, Drinkers, Movers-and-Shakers that did what it took to turn our State Blue

#2- Barack & Biden.

#1 - YOU!! We wouldn't be here for you! Thanks for being there so we can HAVE a group.

And even though you might be busy stuffing a turkey or driving to Grandma's house or just contemplating having a relaxing day with family and friends, feel free to stop by The Skylark Lounge Weds night, tomorrow, Nov 26 so we can celebrate being thankful together.

John E is enjoying a well-deserved holiday getaway, so Kath will be holding down the fort at the Skylark.

In other news Democrats Work is running a virtual food drive called, "Yes we Cans":

Across the country, food banks are struggling to keep up with increased demand. And with the holidays approaching, Democrats Work is doing something about it. We need your help. Today, we are launching the Yes We Cans Virtual Food Drive to help you donate to the food bank in your community.

As always Drinking Liberally Denver is
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Gobble gobble,
Kath and Sarah

Now with an online calendar for your syncing pleasure

I don't have any special news or announcements this time. But, thanks to the new folks who came out last week to play pin the crime on the Bush administration official. Maybe it's a testament to the power of the internet but no one got worse than one wrong item.

For those that missed it, the special announcement was the CO-06 candidacy of David Canter. By starting as early as possible Mike Coffman should have a serious run for his money in 2010.

Sexy Pizza is now up and running. They've officially made the name change and have a website up. Looking at their menu, they do have wings, and garlic bread, and a bunch of other stuff. We'll keep ordering their discounted pizzas, but if someone wants something different one night, we can do that too.

I had a nice conversation with now State Senator Morgan Carroll the other day. She's going to try to stop by tomorrow and perhaps talk about some of the bills she's working on introducing. The legislature is really ramping up now, so I don't think I can hold her to this invite. But, her main scheduler in chief has it on his schedule.

Now that we're every week, there's less importance on sending out these emails. I could send them out Wednesday at 7:30 and it would still sort of serve as a reminder of the DL the following week. No a good one, but still. So, to help with that, I've created a google calendar that you can sync or whatever.

Here's the html link which can be synced to your own google calendar. When we have special guests the calendar will be updated. I've set it with email reminders for 3 hours before and 2 days before. You should be able to set that to whatever you want.

If you use iCal, use this:

And if you want it in an RSS feed: .

If you're an outlook user Google has a nice tool to sync calendars. This app assumes you already have a google calendar. You can also import the iCal file into Outlook. I've never done it, but that's what the intertubes tell me.

As always Drinking Liberally Denver is
Every Wednesday
Skylark Lounge
140 S. Broadway
7:30pm onward

See you tomorrow,
John, Sarah, Kath

I wasn't kidding about pin the offense on the criminal game

I didn't think I was entirely making it up. Maybe I was able to dislodge something from my memory after skimming an earlier email. Anyway, the materials from CREDO for tomorrow's event include a "Pin the Charge on the Bush Administration Official" game. So come celebrate the coming end of the Bush Administration. And, the first pitcher of beer is on me! rsvp link (not required)

Don't forget, Bill Winter has an announcement about our 6th district congressional seat. That's about to be handed over to the bestest secretary of state ever, Mike Coffman (cough-corrupt-cough).

I also understand there might be some fundraising taking place for a Georgia senate runoff, that could affect the balance of power in the US Senate. If one were interested, contributions can be taken online.

That's tomorrow, Wednesday the 12th.

As always, Drinking Liberally Denver is
Every Wednesday
Skylark Lounge
140 S Broadway
7:30pm onward

See ya,
John, Sarah, and Kath

Come celebrate the end of an error

We really won't have George Bush to kick around anymore. For real! And the good folks at CREDOare kicking in to help us celebrate. Swag and perhaps a pin the impeachable offense on the turkey game will also include $100 for beer sorry, they said for anything but beer, so we'll spend it on pizza. Here's an
rsvp link, if you prefer.

And, to the future. Some of may remember CO-06 candidate Bill Winter from the 2006 election? Well, he's got a surprise for us all to announce. And, it's not what you think.

That's this Wednesday the 12th.

As always, Drinking Liberally Denver is
Every Wednesday
Skylark Lounge
140 S Broadway
7:30pm onward

See ya,
John, Sarah, and Kath

Eating Liberally Cancelled

Sorry Everyone, but the hipsters at Watercourse gave me some bad information and I acted according to it. I called Watercourse earlier in the week to confirm that I could in fact make a reservation for Sunday morning and the girl told me yes, they take reservations on Sunday mornings. When I called this afternoon to give the final count, they refused to take the reservation.

I didn't think that I needed to triple check on what an employee told me. MY BAD!

There is not much else I can think to do except cancel the meeting and hope to find a decent location in the future. It has been an issue trying to find a restaurant that is affordable, has an accommodating atmosphere, has good service and has good food.

I apologize if you do not get this message in time. If you go and eat there, the food is great despite the staff being too cool for school. I did the best I could.

I don't know what will happen in the future with Eating Liberally, I think its a great idea and I think it could work but scheduling, pricing and other appropriate considerations make for a complex constellation of needs that metro Denver restaurants just can't satisfy for the group at this time.

Numerous apologies.

Happy hunting.

Have a good weekend.


Date Correction for Eating Liberally

So sorry about the confusion people are feeling about what date we are meeting for eating liberally.

The correct date is this Sunday, not the last Sunday we already had. MY BAD!

We will meet at Watercourse Foods in Denver at 11:00 am this Sunday, the 9th.

You must RSVP for this to get a seat and you can do so by replying to this message.

See you there.

Come Corroborate the Progressive Mandate

Eating Liberally is now the official Denver headquarters for the progressive eating mandate. It all starts with an idea, then a conversation—all of which require calories. Please join us this Sunday at 11:00 am at Watercourse foods.

Watercourse has a great bio-diesel program and has successfully incorporated many green goods into its business model. Watercourse is also famous for its delectable vegetarian sauces and baked goods. Please come experience the most delicious example of sustainable eating I know of.

From their site:
By maintaining a completely vegetarian menu, we believe we minimize our environmental footprint and provide a welcome alternative to many restaurants in the city. In addition to the food we serve and vendors we choose, WaterCourse Foods is dedicated to reducing our negative environmental impact by recycling everything we can, including fryer oil that is converted into bio-diesel. Our to-go containers are completely biodegradable. We serve water only upon request and we offer 10% discounts to bike riders.

You must rsvp here by Saturday noon to get a spot. Then meat us at 17th and Emerson at 11:00 am Sunday November 2nd.

See you there!

My friends, we need to celebrate

That is, if you didn't do too much of that last night. Or, even if you did, isn't a little hair of the dog exactly what you need?

Let's hear it for community organizers!

Let's hear it for maverick small town mayors! (snicker)

Other fun facts from last night:

Did you know that Doug Lamborn will now be the senior republican from Colorado in Congress? Marilyn Musgrave didn't call Betsey Markey to concede, nor did her campaign return calls from the press last night. Last night Virginia and Colorado went for Barack Obama. In 2006 Dick Wadhams (Bob Schaffer's campaign manager) ran the senate campaign that lost to now Virginia Senator Jim Webb. Last night Schaffer lost big to Mark Udall. I wonder what barely red state Wadhams should go to next and run a major campaign into the ground.

Fun facts on Amendment 48:

El Paso County (home of Colorado Springs):
McCain 58.97%, Obama 39.6%
YES 37.60%
NO 62.40%

Mesa County:
McCain 63.7%, Obama 34%
YES 32.3%
NO 62.2%

Montrose County:
McCain 61.58%, Obama 36.07%
YES 35%
NO 65%

Prowers County:
McCain 66.14%, Obama 32%
YES 36.9%
NO 63%

The results are still being counted, but at 91% repoted it's 72.8% No, and 27.1% yes. That tells you the size of the wing-nut base in Colorado.

I think we owe a thank you to young Kristi Burton for ensuring pro-choice rights in Colorado for a long time coming.

As always Drinking Liberally Denver is
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John, Kath, and Sarah

about 29 hours to go

As I write this, Bush will be voted out of office in about 29 hours when the polls close at 7pm Tuesday evening. He'll still have a few month as a lame duck, but it really will be the end of an error.

If you're able, there are lots of ways to still be involved. The campaigns can always use help with GOTV, whether that's calling, walking, offering rides, or waving signs. This stuff all makes a difference.

We will not be at the Skylark Tuesday evening. The various campaigns have evening events. Most of the ones I know about are at the Sheraton (formerly Adam's Mark) Hotel. The campaign for the SAFE Amendment (59) will be at 1515 Restaurant, 2nd floor, 1515 Market Street. While the main Obama campaign even is at the Sheraton, the folks in northwest Denver will also be celebrating at the Oriental Theater at 44th Ave and Tennyson.

Once you recover from your hangover, join us Wednesday evening for a little hair of the dog. Skylark owner Scott and I have been trying to figure out how to make it work the best to get our discount but still not overwhelm the bartenders with a bunch of different programs. So from now on, we'll get happy hour prices only on Wednesdays and only if you show your Drinking Liberally button to the bartender when you order your drink. Don't have a drinking liberally button? For anyone who's ever attended a Drinking Liberally before, that shouldn't be possible. Just show up, look lost, and one of us will introduce ourselves. That's when you get your button. It's kind of like an AA coin, but instead shows you're on your way to openly and proudly discussing politics.

So whoever wins tomorrow, whatever amendments fail or don't, we hope you'll share your election cycle experiences with us on Wednesday November 5th.

As always Drinking Liberally Denver is
Every Wednesday
Skylark Lounge
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John, Sarah, and Kath