Election Night with Drinking Liberally

Ready for something new? Not sure what you are doing for election night? Start it out with Drinking Liberally! And maybe end it with Drinking Liberally as well!

There is a lot up for grabs on Tuesday, November 7th, and on this particular night, the "DL mutual support network" will provide a forum for what I am confident will be a good night for liberals.

The polls close at 8:00, which means we will start at 7:00 to watch the early returns, then perhaps move on to an election party or two. As one Drinking Liberally member mentioned, "we can crash a loser's party!"

So instead of our usual meeting time of the first Monday of the month (November 6th) , we will meet on the 7th, 7:00 pm, at the Tumwater Valley Bar and Grill.

If you haven't voted yet, drop that ballot into the mail, and then hop on over for another fun-filled Drinking Liberally event!

Hope to see you on Tuesday, November 7th!