Benton County Chair on KONO Today at 3pm

Benton County Chair, Bob Parazin will be on KONA AM Radio today at 3pm talking about local and state races. Tune in and/or call in and show Bob some support. If there is one thing this area is lacking is local political programming and by tuning in, and especially calling in, we can make an impression that lefty views are important in this area.

KONA Radio - 610 (am dial)

Do it!

Tuesday Session

Joe Biden?

Olympic moments (is China scary or what?)

Is McCain capable of being president?
Emotional instability
Religious Right pandering
Limited Republican playbook
Supreme Court appointments
Clueless on economics – Wall Street will roll him (and us) in the alley.
Belligerent foreign policy based solely on saber rattling

Can McCain assemble a team capable of governing?
More unregulated boom-and-bush like the mortgage fiasco

Come and talk about it all
7:00PM Tuesday at O'Callahan's in the Shilo Inn, Richland.

Drinking Liberally in the Tri-Cities - Special Primary Location

It’s no accident that Drinking Liberally in the Tri-Cities is held on a Tuesday. Election or primary days make for some good fun for the DL crowd. Tonight, we are changing location to the campaign office in Uptown Richland on George Washington Way with a bit of a spill over to the Town Crier and I encourage folks to show up early (I’ll be down before 6pm. But before you come down and join the fun, make sure and turn in that ballot. Don’t be “Lazy”.

Drinking Liberally in the Tri-Cities - Special Primary DL

Campaign Headquarters - Uptown Richland

5pm till?