Drinking Liberally in the Tri-Cities - St. Patty's Day

I once went to a St. Patty's day party in a very small conservative town in Indiana where I was nearly accosted by a patron who, for some strange reason, brought his own green food coloring turn his beer green. Unfortunately, for him, the more he drank the less the food coloring mixed in his beer... and more on his face. Before long he had essentially colored the lower half of his face green.

Conservatives are always getting it wrong and making a mess of things at the same time.

Drinking Liberally in the Tri-Cities is tonight and a special St. Patricks Day celebration is in order. I'm pretty sure there will be green beer - and plenty of good cheer - so come on down and join us.

Drinking Liberally in the Tri-Cities
O'Callahan's - Shilo Inn
50 Comstock Road
7pm till?

Irish Liberally

Celebrate the your Irish roots with us.
Usual time, usual place. And great company.