Drinking Liberally, this Tuesday, July 8

Dear Liberal Drinkers,

It's that time of the month again, the second Tuesday. That means it's time to meet and discuss politics without fear of offending or angering your conservative Uncle Phil. (Doesn't everyone have one?)

July means vacation time for Matthew and me. We just returned from visiting Texas, which will soon be the full-time home of GWB. Hallelujah. Of course, a week's vacation means a week away from news. Hopefully, y'all (see the Texas influence?) can fill us in on Tuesday night.

I saw on the Democracy for Vancouver web page ( that Brian Baird is hosting a town hall meeting tomorrow (Monday) evening. If you're up in Cathlamet, you might want to go give Baird a piece of your mind. Here's the info: Monday, June 30, 7:00-8:30 p.m.,
River Street Meeting Room, 68 Main Street, Cathlamet.

See you Tuesday at the Salmon Creek Brew Pub in downtown Vancouver. 7:00 PM.

Your DL hosts,
Kathy, Matthew, Reg, and Alice