Drinking Liberally this Tuesday, August 12

Fellow DL'ers,

Please join us this Tuesday at the Salmon Creek Brew Pub, 7:00 PM, for some conversation about what's going on in the world of progressive politics. What do you think about the Dems' response to McCain's negative ads (which are often full of lies)? Any speculation on possible running mates on either side? What do you think Bush and Putin were talking about at the Olympics opening ceremony?

On another note, this month marks the 2 year anniversary of our chapter of Drinking Liberally, here in Vancouver, Washington. We have over 75 members who receive the monthly email; we've met in three different venues; and we've had the same hosts for the entire time. We all think it's time to mix it up a bit, and get some new blood running our little show. If you are interested in taking over hosting, please email us, and we'll give you the scoop. One host can do it; it's better with two or three.

Please join us Tuesday. Look for Reg, holding down our table. See you then!

Kathy, Matthew, Reg, and Alice