DL venue change

Fellow DL'ers,

Yes, this email is a week or two early, but that's because the possibility of changing venues for our monthly meetings has been brought up. We've been meeting at the Salmon Creek Brew Pub for a year now, and it seems to be a consensus that the service there has gone way down hill. At the last meeting, two other possibilities were brought up: the bar at Tommy O's or the Back Alley Night Club (at least I think that was the name of the's on Mill Plain).

If you prefer one of these other locations (or another bar/tavern/pub we haven't mentioned), please respond to this email. We'll send someone (Regina? Torun?) to check them out and we'll have a new location for our next meeting (which will be on the second Tuesday of October. The last official meeting before election day. Woohoo!)

Kathy (and Matthew and Alice and Reg)

(I saw a clip of Couric's interview with Palin today where Sarah Palin, when asked what newspapers/magazines she read regularly, couldn't name a single one. Oh. My. God.)

Drinking Liberally, this Tuesday!

Dear DL'ers,

Please join us this Tuesday, September 9, at the Salmon Creek Brew Pub at 7:00 PM, to discuss what's been happening in politics for the past month. I'm sure between the two conventions, we will be able to find *something* to talk about. ;-)

If anyone has any ideas on other things we can do between now and November to advance the liberal cause, bring them on Tuesday, too.

Reg will be holding down the table...look for her and the Drinking Liberally flyers. See you there,

Kathy, Matthew, Regina, and Alice
(I'm proud that I managed to keep the ranting I've been doing daily since the GOP convention started out of this email.--K)