Boulder City

Drinking Liberally Boulder City 3/27/2009

Come join us on Friday, March 27, 2009 at 6:30PM (note time change, I'm the only one that ever arrived at 6:00PM) at the Boulder Dam Brewery 453 Nevada Highway!
Where are the liberal, progressive folks of Boulder City? Find them and invite them to the Boulder City Drinking Liberally Chapter for stimulating conversations ("viagra for the brain") regarding city council race (early voting in progress), Obama's recent press conference, celebrating the return of research and science, significant news events, thoughts about the new political landscape and the economy, geothermal issue on June ballot, express outrage at AIG bonuses and deaths by AK47 of Oakland police officers, the current legislative session, your favorite progressive picks of the week, and of course your humorous takes on anything and everything!
Hope to see you there! Valerie McNay
P.S. There was some discussion of a change of venue, the Brewery is neat place and staff treats us great, however, acoustics make conversations weather warms and we can sit outdoors this problem may be resolved. Open to suggestions!