Boulder City

Drinking Liberally Boulder City 6:30 PM 4/24/2009

Greetings fellow Progressives!
Time for BC monthly get together, the last Friday of the month, April 24, 2009. In keeping with 4/22/09 Earth Day Events, walk on over to the Boulder Dam Brewing Co. 453 Nevada Way around 6:30 should be good for outdoor patio seating, bring a warm layer for when the sun sets!
How about those "teabaggers"?, patriotic TX Gov talking seceding from the union (returning their federal money for natural disasters?, guess TX won't be taking the stimulus money either?), release of torture memos? (authored by our own LV federal judge Jay Bybee), Obama bowing to Saudi Prince, shaking hands and smiling with Hugo Chavez...driving Gingrich, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and our own Ensign over the edge! Then there's always the state and local events to come hoist a pint for democracy while engaging in liberal, intelligent discourse with humor!
Valerie McNay