bellingham drinking liberally tonight!

Hey all,

This is your reminder that the Bellingham chapter of Drinking Liberally meets tonight at seven PM!

As usual we will be in the Ranch Room (inside the Horseshoe) and I hope you all can make it!


Bellingham Drinking Liberally Special Announcement

Hello Whatcom County Drinking Liberals!

Sorry for the unscheduled note, but I thought I'd let you all know about the following. I promise not to do non-last-minute DL reminders too often, but this time it seemed appropriate.

As I mentioned at our regular meeting on Tuesday night there will be a special meeting on Saturday at 2PM in the Ranch Room of the Bellingham Drinking Liberally chapter to meet up with the folks filming the documentary "Protest Nation" and tell them what we're all about. I'm very proud that out of all of the possible chapters of Drinking Liberally that they want to swing by and talk to us about who we are and what we do, and I hope that you can all make it. You can read more about the project at

Following that event there will be a fundraiser for Hearts Towards Home International over at Boundary Bay featuring many amazing musical acts and several speakers, including myself, that are Drinking Liberally Bellingham regulars. This is a non-partisan event and you can read more about Hearts Towards Home at and more about the specific event in the latest issues of What's Up magazine and the Cascadia Weekly.

I hope to see you all at both!
Dave Willingham

Drinking Liberally Bellingham

Hey Whatcom County DLers!

This is a quick note to remind you of our regularly scheduled meeting of Drinking Liberally tomorrow night! I hope that you all make it down to the Ranch Room (inside the Horseshoe Cafe) at or around 7PM for good beer and politics.

See you tomorrow!