Bellingham Drinking Liberally

Hey everyone,

This is your frequently-late (but not so much this time!) reminder that the Bellingham Chapter of Drinking Liberally meets this Tuesday, June 23rd. As usual we'll be meeting up in the Ranch Room (113 Holly St) at around 7PM and hanging out into the evening.

See who will be on the ballot this year:

...and see how much they have raised here:

Drinking Liberally is non-partisan and does not endorse but local parties do and you can find some links on their respective web pages. Well, hasn't been updated for a few months but I'm sure they'll have something soon.

See you on Tuesday!

Dave Willingham

Drinking Liberally: Too Hot For Bellingham edition

Hey liberals,

The next meeting of the Bellingham chapter of Drinking Liberally will be tomorrow night (Tues, June 9th)! As usual we'll be getting going at or around 7PM, though with our extended daylight and near 70 degree weather I expect some folk will be staying out a little later before joining us in the darkness of the Ranch Room (113 Holly St, inside the Horseshoe Cafe).

Filing week is finally over and you can see who is running here:

It looks like we'll have some very interesting races this year. The port should be hot, as usual, and the current VS former KGMI hosts facing off in County District 2 looks interesting. My personal favorite will be City Council 6, South Bellingham, with three candidates.

I hope to see you all down there, once you're done in the sun of course : )

Dave Willingham