Corpus Christi

Drinking Liberally change of venue

Greetings fellow liberal drinkers! (Gee, I guess it is easy to misconstrue that)

Join us for a movie mixer at the Progressive Center on Waco Street on Thursday night. We have several films from which to choose. Teresa wanted to watch Dumb and Dumber, but I thought that we should not make this about the current administration. As the 19th is Juneteenth, we think we may go in that direction with the film (It's not a history thing, honest.)

BYOB. We will bring munchies. Be there or be square. (It's just an expression--squares are welcome.)

Jim Klein

PS: Check out the snazzy new website at It's the bomb (if that doesn't draw Homeland Security, nothing will.)

PPS: This one is for Carolyn: Agenda items for this meeting--NONE.