Corpus Christi

Drinking liberally meeting

Hey all you liberal drinkers!

Happy Mexican Independence Day!
Happy U.S. Constitution Day (tomorrow)!
Happy Chilean Independence Day! (Thursday)
Happy autumnal equinox (next Monday)!

Once again Drinking Liberally has rolled around. Sorry for the short notice. We will meet on Thursday night at the Progressive Center at 413 Waco Street in CC. We are excited to have all of you join us. As usual, bring a drink to share and a thirst for good liberal conversation. There is lots to talk about in the political and financial worlds (come in off the ledge, the pidgeons don't respect us there anyway), and I'm sure we can have some lively preaching to the choir.

If any of you are interested in the forum on gun control tomorrow (Wednesday) at Del Mar, I'm sure I'll see you there as well (1:00 at the Library on the East Campus)

Jim (rabble) & Teresa (rouser)