Corpus Christi

Meeting this week

I love my 2011 calendar from The Progressive magazine. This Thursday, July 21st is the anniversary of the first publication of the black-run New Orleans Tribune (1864). It is the anniversary of a railroad strike in Pittsburgh (1887) in which, unfortunately, 20 workers were killed by state troopers. Sure beats my word-a-day calendar where the word is Santorum (google it)... wait, that's kinda disgusting! In any case, one more event should be on everyone's calendar for this Thursday - Drinking Liberally Corpus Christi. I hope we will see some new faces there and some old ones as well. As always, bring a drink, bring a friend, and join us for great conversation. This week, there will be a belated houseparty at the Progressive Center, and we will gladly share the time and the space. See y'all there.

July meeting

Hey, everyone.

I hope your summer is going well and you are keeping cool. Just a quick reminder that we will be meeting on July 21st at the Progressive Center starting at 7pm. They may be having a houseparty there at the same time, but we can all fit in. As always bring your friends, bring a snack, and bring something to drink. Most importantly, bring good conversation. See y'all there.

Teresa and Jim