Corpus Christi

September Drinking Liberally

Hey folks,

This Thursday, September 20, the Corpus Christi chapter of Drinking Liberally will meet at the Progressive Center (413 Waco Street) at 7pm.  DL will commence upon conclusion of the September meeting of the Progressive Populist Caucus, scheduled for 6 p.m.  This is a very busy time, but I hope you folks will take a few minutes to relax, commiserate, and perhaps conspire with others in our fair city.  

On September 20 we will commemorate these events (among numerous others):

1933: the Pittsburg Steelers played their first NFL football game

1946: the first Cannes Film Festival opened in Cannes, France

1958: first meeting of the New York Daughters of Bilitis, a pioneering lesbian organization

1962: Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett bars James Meredith from enrolling at the University of Mississippi

1963: the arrest of 63 people in Syracuse, New York for blocking bulldozers as part of an effort to prevent an urban renewal project

1985: South Africa once again allows radio stations to play Stevie Wonder music (it had banned his music after he dedicated an Oscar to prisoner Nelson Mandela

2011: the occupation of Zuccotti Park near Wall Street is three days old (still weeks before the corporate media are shamed into reporting on it)

Come and join us for good conversation about these and/OR ANY OTHER TOPICS of interest. 

Jim & Teresa Klein