Des Moines

Spring Cleaning

When you link into the website for Eating Liberally you will notice we have changed the skin of the website. The new weblink is:
for those of you who bookmark such details.

We are also changing the format of the meetup a bit. We have moved the meeting to Gateway Market, in Des Moines. We have moved the meetup regularity to once a week on Thursdays.

Those of you who like to throw back a pint with Drinking Liberally can get your food facts and good grub with us at EL before you soak it with the fine fermentations from the Lift. All alliteratives aside, I think this summer schedule will be a lot of fun and the regularity of the meetup will allow the meetings to be a bit more intuitive for everyone.

Keep in mind that the Farm to Fork daytrips are gearing up for anyone interested in getting their hands dirty in the farmland. Details to follow...

from the folks in the cornfield,

Eating Liberally Des Moines