Next gathering Tuesday, May 3rd

Greetings fellow liberal drinkers! The first event of the Nashua chapter of Drinking Liberally was a big hit! It was great to see so many smart, patriotic folks connecting and exchanging ideas - and blowing off steam with new friends. Let's keep the good times rolling!!! It's liberal group therapy, baby! Our next gathering will be Tuesday, May 3rd @ 7:30pm, again at Martha's Exchange in "happening" downtown Nashua. What will we talk about this time? Since last month, there's been the shocking revelation that President Obama was born in America the predictable news that our Congressman Charlie Bass voted to destroy Medicare and the sad fact that the NH State Senate passed the Right-to-Work (for less) bill

Don't stay home like a lump on Tuesday. Come talk, laugh and share with us! We'll likely be around the back of the room as last time, monopolizing the large booth. There will be a sign on the table for any new folks. As always, if you don't drink that's fine! We won't judge you. :) There are plenty of tasty booze-free beverages. Hope to see you there!