Nashua chapter of Drinking Liberally meets in 1 week!

The time is flying and the weather is improving dramatically! Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend! It's important and right to recognize the great sacrifices our military men and women (and their families) make day after day for America. It's also important (and every good liberal's duty) to be mindful how vulnerable they are to the military industrial complex (and a simple slogan)

While everyone is feeling patriotic, let's keep in mind that the dubiously titled USA Patriot Act continues to be law, signed moments before expiration via autopen. Who could have guessed that Rand Paul would out do the liberals and stand alone against this breach of civil liberties?

And finally there is now a place in America where health care is a right, rather than a privilege, with real single-payer healthcare! The great state of Vermont! Careful greedy HMOs - this could well be contagious.

We can talk about all or none of these things next week, Tuesday, June 7th, 7:30pm at Martha's Exchange in "happening" downtown Nashua (185 Main Street). Join us!!