Next Drinking Liberally Tuesday, 7/5/2011

Hi Everybody,

Hope you can join us at the next meeting on 7/5/2011, 7:30pm at Martha's Exchange, 185 Main Street in "happening" downtown Nashua!

Since last time:

Kooky Michelle Bachman has officially announced her candidacy for President. She's been pulling all kinds of Palin-worthy gaffes lately. Let's hope for more. They're fun!

The Supreme Court let Walmart off the hook for widespread gender discrimination. Considering the assuredly high cost of Walmart's endless litigation, might they at least break even by doing the right thing?

Gay marriage is the law of the land in the nation's most populous state! Must have been a very frustrating day for the bigots. The tide has turned, and the good guys are winning.

So as usual there's tons of stuff we can talk about while we raise our glasses - and as always, people who don't drink are warmly invited! No need to be a pundit or policy wonk, either! Friendly conversation and laughter is what it's all about. Hope to see you there!!

"Hey rest of the United States, gay marriage is like color tv - eventually everybody's gonna get it."
-- Bill Maher, in a tweet