September event next Tuesday!

Our first event at The Peddler’s Daughter was a big hit, so why mess with success? Join us there (48 Main St.) Tuesday, 9/6, at 7:30 for more fun!

Since last time, Rick Perry has entered the presidential race. If there’s anything America needs, it’s an anti-science, anti-worker, anti-education, anti-environment swaggering “Christian” faux cowboy in a 10-gallon hat! He's leading the other GOP nuts. Will he get any traction?

Telling the truth in a NYT op-ed, billionaire Warren Buffet called for increased taxes on the rich. President Obama endorsed Buffet’s position, as do the majority of Americans. So why can’t this get done?

Gaddafi has been driven from power by his people (with significant NATO assistance). Shockingly, the GOP claims the president handled the situation badly. What happens in Libya now?

What’s been on YOUR mind? Come join us next Tuesday and add to the discussion!

Statistically, the average American becomes more liberal as he/she becomes more educated. This is observed by presidential adviser Karl Rove: "As people do better, they start voting like Republicans — unless they have too much education and vote Democratic. Which proves there can be too much of a good thing." (New Yorker, Feb. 19, 2001.)