October Drinking Liberally Nashua

Hi everyone! Fall is here, and there’s no more beautiful place to be than NH. Join your liberal friends, grab a pumpkin ale and make friendly conversation at the next Nashua Drinking Liberally Tuesday, Oct 4, 7:30pm @ the Peddler's Daughter, 48 Main St! We’ve had scads of smart, patriotic libs joining us every month, including OFA staff and a number of elected officials. It’s been so much fun and very encouraging!

Since last time,

Obama presented a plan to reduce the deficit, which includes 1.5 trillion in new revenue, coming mostly from the wealthiest Americans. Republicans were critical of the plan before it was even introduced, calling it “class warfare”. The President responded with the pithy retort “It’s not class warfare. It’s math.” Here’s hoping this kind of clear, aggressive messaging continues.

The state of Georgia executed Troy Davis, a man who was in all probability innocent. Doesn’t it always seem like those who claim the government can’t do anything right have no problem with that same government deciding who lives or dies?

GOP hopeful Rick Perry was endorsed by New Hampshire Rep Al Baldasaro. Baldasaro likened the adoption of kids by gay couples to child trafficking, testifying in front of the NH House Judiciary Committee that the state was “selling children to homosexuals for $10,000 each.” Judge a man by his friends.

What’s been on YOUR mind? Come talk about it! As always, non-drinkers are warmly welcomed. is class warfare: full-throated, no-bullshit class warfare, and the rich ones whining about it are the ones who are winning. Be on your own side for a change of pace. They got the guns, as a man once said, but we got the numbers. -- William Rivers Pitt