November Nashua DL in 1 week - 11/1, 7:30pm, Peddler's Daughter

Hi Everybody! Just a reminder that Nashua Drinking Liberally meets in 1 week (Tuesday, 11/1, 7:30pm) at The Peddler’s Daughter, 48 Main St. in downtown Nashua.

The events have been so much fun; with a swell bunch of smart, friendly libs, how could they not be? Last time, we even took part in the trivia game and rocked it hard! Come join the fun!

Since last month,

Fulfilling a campaign promise, President Obama has announced an end to the Iraq war & occupation! With 4,480 US troops killed, 32,000 wounded, and an estimated price tag higher than that of WW2, Bush’s elective invasion has cost America dearly. Will we know better next time?

The Occupy Wall Street movement has grown tremendously in size and visibility. It exploded world-wide on Oct 15th. The lazy, arrogant mainstream corporate media can no longer ignore it (though they can certainly smear it). What’s next for this passionate grass-roots uprising?

The shadowy hacktivist group Anonymous has apparently announced plans to attack and destroy the Fox News website, citing the conservative organization’s ongoing ridicule of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. “Operation Fox Hunt” is scheduled to begin on November 5th. Is it a hoax? If it’s true, is it justifiable?

As usual, so much to talk about, and we’ll do it Next Tuesday,11/01! Come share what’s on YOUR mind! No need to be a pundit or policy wonk, just a good citizen in the mood to gab. Of course, non-drinkers are ALWAYS welcome!

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics, doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you" - Pericles, 430 BCE