New York City

Laugh at (or with) Civil Rights

Laughing Liberally is proud to invite you
to a performance co-hosted by our friends at
the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008: 8:00pm
The Tank - 279 Church St.
(Happy hour starting at 6:30)

You could cry about losing rights
or… you could laugh about it with us!

Join us as we enjoy a little lighthearted comedy
at the expense of our waning Civil Rights.

Featuring comedians from Comedy Central,
MTV, The Onion & more:

Lee Camp, Katie Halper,
Elon James White, Harry Terjanian,
Jamie Kilstein & Charles Star

Tues, July 1st,8pm
Happy Hour with the Campaign from 6:30 to 8pm
The Tank @ C:U - 279 Church St
btw Franklin & White, below Canal
$10 Admission

The National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights is a collection of more than one hundred civil rights organizations and numerous individuals who came together to ensure that the courts protect and preserve justice, fairness, and opportunity for everyone.

Cliff Schecter, Paul Waldman & Laughing Liberally - Tomorrow!

John McCain...scary or hilarious?

Find out the answer in an evening of
comedy and conversation with
two nationally-acclaimed authors
& an all-star line-up of performers.

Laughing Liberally Presents:
Wed, June 25th—9 pm

Who is John McCain? What are his politics?
And hat was his boyhood in the 16th century really like?

With special guests:
Cliff Schecter, author of "The Real McCain: Why Conservatives Don't Trust Him and Why Independents Shouldn't Either" & Paul Waldman, author of "Free Ride: John McCain and the Media"

Featuring comedians from Comedy Central,
MTV, The Onion & more:
Baratunde Thurston, Lee Camp, Katie Halper
Jamie Kilstein & Charles Star

Wed, June 25th—9 pm
The Tank @ C:U - 279 Church St
btw Franklin & White, below Canal
FREE / $10 Suggested Admission

And stay tuned for a special Laughing Liberally
with the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights
next Tuesday, July 1st at 8pm.

Laugh (and Eat) Liberally Tomorrow Night - Because You Deserve It

Fox News pundits called Obama's pound
with his wife a "terrorist fist jab"...

We think you deserve a laugh.

The Laughing Liberally Lab
Wednesday, June 18th 8:00pm

A night of progressive punchlines
with fresh material each week,
featuring comics from Comedy Central,
The Onion, HBO, Huffington Post and more.

THIS WEEK: we are welcoming interns
from non-profits, political groups & NGOs...
& some interns who just need a laugh.

(Plus the show is open to the public)

Featuring Baratunde Thurston, Katie Halper,
Elon James White & Roger Weaver.

Additionally, come early for a snack:
invite you to a progressive potluck
from 6-8pm -- and it's free.

Eating Liberally - 6-8
Laughing Liberally - 8pm

The Tank @ C:U
279 Church Street
between Franklin & White, below Canal


Upcoming etc

for Liberal Pride, Liberal Community
...and Liberal Discounts...
including FREE DRINKS every day at Rudy's.


Thurs, June 19th - 6:45pm
READING LIBERALLY -- live readings
of texts that changed our country
...and could do so again.

This week: Upton Sinclair's Cry of Freedom
An anthology on social justice & progressive issues
featuring works by Ghandi, Sinclair & Twain

Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
Backyard, on the upper deck
before the weekly gathering of Drinking Liberally.


Wed, June 25th - 8pm
A night of McCain-based humor
at The Laughing Liberally Lab's almost too easy.
With authors Cliff Schecter & Paul Waldman
The Tank @ C:U - 279 Church St
btw Franklin & White, below Canal


A new program that's launched makes it easy
for you to get books at a great deal
while supporting progressive authors & ideas.
Check it out:
& get 3 books for $3 by becoming a member today.


This Saturday, June 21st is MAKE MUSIC NY,
an annual day of outdoor music across the city.
Come check out the concert in front of THE TANK,
the home to many Living Liberally Events.

Make Music New York @ The Tank
Saturday, June 21st - 4-7pm
Live gameboy music on closed-down Church Street
between Walker and White, below Canal.


Laugh Liberally with Planned Parenthood - Wednesday Night

McCain says his VP search is "a google."
The President's own daughter may turn Dem.
And Dick Cheney's been missing for months.

It's time we get together for a laugh.

an evening of smart, savvy laughter from the Left
presents a very special event:


Join us for an evening of pro-choice punchlines
as a stellar cast of comedians mix up
riotous revelry with reproductive health.

6:30-7:30pm Happy Hour
7:30-8:30pm performance
Featuring Katie Halper, Negin Farsad,
Harry Terjanian & Elon James White.

The Tank @ C:U - 279 Church Street
btw Franklin & White, below Canal

Click here to RSVP & support Planned Parenthood:

And check out the new Laughing Liberally website

Upcoming Shows:
Wed, June 18th - Intern Night
Wed, June 25th - McCain Mania
Tues, July 1st - Coalition to Restore Civil Rights


Reading Liberally - Tues, June 12th
6:45 at Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th
before the weekly Drinking Liberally gathering.

Crafting Liberally - Sun, June 15th
3-5pm @ The Tank...

- The Laughing Liberally Team