New York City

Celebrating Liberal Laughter This Week

Dear Friends -

Laughing Liberally is gearing up for a summer of fun, with a full schedule coming soon.

But first, come celebrate the Living Liberally Annual Celebration this Saturday, May 30th. This year's event will be honoring:

- Laughing Liberally's own BARATUNDE THURSTON and the black political blog JACK & JILL POLITICS
- Manhattan Borough President SCOTT STRINGER
- Media Matters for America and its president ERIC BURNS

Get your tix:

Come honor Baratunde and support Living Liberally, with Air America's Sam Seder and friends from MoveOn, DailyKos,, SEIU, Color of Change, Advomatic, the Progressive Book Club, Center for Independent Media, Blue State Digital, the Nation, Zivtech and Time Out New York.

Saturday, May 30th - 7-11pm
DCTV - 87 Lafayette btw Walker & White, NYC


This Thursday, May 28th, Laughing Liberally's Lee Camp will be in the line-up of Satiristas - A Benefit for the Ghetto Film School.

HOSTED BY Paul Provenza (creator/director of "The Aristocrats")

Janeane Garofalo (you know)
Paul Mooney (former writer for Richard Pryor & SNL)
Wyatt Cenac (Daily Show correpsondent)
Lee Camp (never heard of him)
Eddie Brill (booker for the Letterman show)
Lizz Winstead (creator of The Daily Show)

Tickets are available at

Because Laughter's the Best Medicine...After Actual Medicine

"A spoonful of comedy makes the medicine go down."

LAUGHING LIBERALLY invites you to a special event
hosted by our friends at NYC for Change
(formerly the local Obama grassroots group)--
a night full of punchlines, musical comedy & politics.

Wednesday May 6th @ 7:30pm
The Tank- 354 W. 45th St.
between Aves 8 & 9
(includes a "Healthcare For All" gift pack)
RSVP to [email protected]

Katie Halper
Larry Litt
Myq Kaplan
Scott Blakeman
Pembroke and Lu
Rory Scholl
Dan Kitrosser
Aaron Friedman


Saturday, May 30th - 7-11pm
Help us raise money to grow our network
while drinking, eating & laughing liberally
at a grand old party (not "the " grand old party)

Join our MC, Air America's Sam Seder,
in honoring Media Matters, Jack & Jill Politics
& Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer

We'll be joined by our friends at MoveOn, DailyKos,, Progressive Book Club, Advomatic
Center for Independent Media, Blue State Digital & more...