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Dear Laughing Liberally Folks,

With the dysfunction in Albany rivaling that in Tehran, with healthcare getting blocked by centrist Dems as much as by Republicans, and with the economy spiraling as banks still give deserve to laugh.

Check out these great upcoming events, comedic videos, and Laughing Liberally collaborations.

Don't miss our Laughing Liberally Intern Show tomorrow:

The Laughing Liberally Intern Show
Wed, June 24 - 9 pm

Laughing Liberally invites you to come out for an evening of laughs about copy machines, underpaid work, and lunch hours.

Join us for internship humor, political punchlines, and a lineup of comedians from Comedy Central, The Onion, CNN, and MTV.

Lee Camp
Harry Terjanian
Katie Halper
Elon James White
Costaki Economopoulos
Hari Kondabolu
Juliet Jeske

Admission: $10 or $5 for progressive interns and staff who RSVP in advance to [email protected]

The Tank - 354 West 45th St btw 8th & 9th

Also, check out these hilarious health care videos done by the SEIU in collaboration with Laughing Liberally:

Healthy Americans Against Reforming Medicine:

Message Strategy Session:

Community Outreach:

Fire Care:

Finally, take a look at this upcoming comedy event:

Lizz Winstead featuring Kumail Nanjiani
Creator/Writer of "The Daily Show" / Writer/Character for "Michael & Michael Have Issues"

June 26, 27
8:00pm & 10:30pm


Special offer for Living Liberally Members - $20 tickets when bought in advance! Just use code “LIVELIB” when purchasing tickets.
Tickets available at or by calling the box office at 212-524-2500

Lizz Winstead - The majority of her stand up material comes from politics and current event, Bush, wiretapping, war, terrorism, and the American dream. She mocks the large political players and offers her own critique of policies and events. She also sticks to current events faithfully. For instance: the news, popular culture and diets.

Kumail Nanjiani - Kumail spent the first 18 years of his life in Karachi, Pakistan, then made the natural transition to Iowa. He was so excited to leave Iowa four years later that he started performing comedy immediately. Kumail's comedy covers a broad range of topics, from giant squids to units of measurement, from men on the moon to his love of chocolate. In a recent Gothamist interview, comedian Eugene Mirman (Flight of The Conchords) referred to Kumail as "one of the funniest comedians no one has heard about yet."

Smoke & Mirrors

One of our spies snuck into a meeting of the evil right-wing organization HAARM (Healthy Americans Against Reforming Medicine) last week and uncovered a nasty plot to undermine our efforts toward healthcare reform. Watch, and prepare to be shocked, disgusted and amused.

Looking to freak yourself out even MORE? Check these out:

Living Liberally Events Tonight

Double-Header Living Liberally Event

Summer is upon us, and a new season of Laughing, Reading, Drinking, Eating, Screening & Living Liberally. Join us tonight for a double-header event that will get you thinking, laughing and meeting other like-minded lefties in a social, welcoming setting.

Wednesday, June 10th at The Tank (354 West 45th Street)

6pm - Meet Will Bunch, author of "Tear Down That Myth: How the Reagan Legacy Has Distorted Our Politics and Haunts Our Future"

We'll be joined by WILL BUNCH, author of "Tear Down That Myth: How the Reagan Legacy Has Distorted Our Politics and Haunts Our Future" (

FREE Admission

The book is the first attempt to look at the toxic effect that a mythologized Ronald Ronald -- pushed for more than a decade by neoconservatives to revive their failing political movement -- has had on American politics, and the link between the near canonization of the 40th president and disastrous policies that are drowning America in red ink even as militarism runs rampant and Wall Street runs amok. It seeks to correct the many distortions about Reagan -- to show that his trickle-down economics of tax cuts for the wealthy didn't save the American economy, that he didn't "win the Cold War," and that he was a divisive president whose approval ratings were only average. Booklist says that "[a]nyone interested in America's immediate future should read this book."

7:30pm - Join Laughing Liberally for a night of comedy with the United States Student Association.

Laughing Liberally invites you to come out for an evening of laughter from the left, political punch-lines, and a lineup of comedians from Comedy Central, The Onion, CNN, and MTV.

This performance is co-hosted by The United States Student Association which tracks and lobbies federal legislation and policy, organizes students, and trains them to win concrete victories on their campuses.

Featuring: Lee Camp, Harry Terjanian, Katie Halper, and Scott Blakeman

Admission: $10

Both events at The Tank
354 West 45th Street btw 8th & 9th.
Cool people, cold beers.

And stay tuned for upcoming events including:

June 17: Rocking Liberally for Marriage Equality, 9pm

June 24: Laughing Liberally, 9pm

July 8: Laughing Liberally, 7:30pm

....and so much more!