Election Night Watch party!

Greetings All,

We know that long emails are not something you look forward to, so we'll try to keep this short and still pass along all the information that you need.

We met for the first time Wednesday at The Cellar and were welcomed beyond all expectations. We made a request of Jeremy the bartender and Grier the owner to watch Obama's infomercial at 8:00, which was granted. But it appeared that some of their guests were opposed to becoming informed, and became quite nasty toward the staff in their opposition. Grier went to bat for us, telling her other quests that we had reserved a table and that she was going to honor our request to view the infomercial. She took a lot of verbal abuse for us and Jeremy lost his gratuity on a $80.00 tab. (We did make it up for Jeremy.) Still through all this, the staff at The Cellar was very supportive of us.

We need to show our support to Jeremy, Grier and The Cellar. And the best way we can do this is to show up in force for our ELECTION NIGHT WATCH PARTY! We will start gathering a 7:30 PM at The Cellar, 1071 Fernwood Glendale Rd., Spartanburg, Tuesday Nov. 4th. We certainly don't want to appear like we're pleading for your participation, but we really want to rally the tribe for this one. Let's party with our supporters at The Cellar!

We want to see you all Tuesday, bring a friend. Message back with questions.


Al, Kevin, Cass and Diane

Gathering reminder

Hi All,

Just another reminder that we will be meeting on Wednesday Oct. 29th at The Cellar, 1071 Fernwood Glendale Rd., Spartanburg, 6:00 PM. It's downstairs at the Four Seasons Restaurant. Indoor atmosphere for the cooler weather approaching. It should be cozy. Join us there and bring a friend.

Al, Cass, Kevin and Diane

Gathering place and date change

Greetings All!

After much long discussion over our favorite libations, your chapter leaders have made a change in our location and day of our weekly gatherings.

Beginning Wednesday Oct. 29th, we will be at The Cellar Lounge, 1071 Fernwood Glendale Road, Spartanburg. Starting time is still 6:00 PM. The Cellar offers a full menu of tasty drinks and yummy food. We might even be able to get a cup of coffee occasionally. The bartender's name is
Kevin, and he's very much looking forward to having us there. We think The Cellar will provide us with a great atmosphere in which to cure the world's ills.

So, we'll not meet at The Mellow Mushroom on Oct. 27th, our next meeting will be on Oct. 29th, and each Wednesday thereafter, at 6:00 PM, (except for special events).

Not confused yet? Well, let us try and help. Our next special event (see above) will of course be Election Watch Night, Nov. 4th. This will be held at The Cellar, and the Spartanburg Young Democrats Club will be joining us. More about this later.

Come meet us at The Cellar Wednesday, Oct. 29th at 6:00PM for lively discussion and clarification.

Al, Cass, Kevin and Diane

Next gathering reminder

Hi All,

We will be gathering at our familiar haunt, The Mellow Mushroom in Spartanburg Monday Oct. 20th at 6:00 PM. Come join us on the patio. Our debate watches were great fun and big successes, with new friends joining our tribe.

Hope you were able to view, or record Letterman on 10/16 with his interview with John McCain. What do you think they talked about during the commercial breaks?

Eighteen Days!

Get it up, Keep it up,
Peace, Al, Kevin, Diane, and Cass

Debate watch reminder

Can't miss this one, it'll be four years until another presidential debate comes around. Drinkingliberally Spartanburg will meet again at Al and Diane's home tomorrow for the fun. Email to get directions and details.

See you there!


Al, Kevin, Cass and Diane

The "Offical Reminder"

Hi All,

We will meet again at Al and Diane's home for the last (and we hope great debate) of this presidential campaign. We had a great time at our last debate watch, and after debate discussion, that lasted into the wee hours. Come join us again Oct. 15th, socializing begins at 7:30 PM. Bring thought, libation and snacks to share.

We will not meet Oct. 13th at the Mellow Mushroom because of the scheduled gathering on Oct. 15th. But we will be back there on Oct. 20th to sample their selection of beverages and great pizza.

So come meet us Oct. 15th. Email if you're coming, we'll give you directions.

Al, Diane, Kevin and Cass

John Stewart Show

Hello Tribe,

Just heard that Michelle Obama will appear on the John Stewart Show tonight 10/8 at 11:00 PM. Should be interesting. Check it out, or catch the rerun tomorrow 10/9 at 8:00 PM in Comedy Central.

Get it up, Keep it up!

Al, Diane, Cass, and Kevin

Gathering schedule reminder

We will not meet at the Mellow Mushroom, Spartanburg, Monday, Oct. 6th. Instead we'll have another debate watch on Tuesday Oct. 7th at Al and Diane's home in Inman. Socializing begins at 7:30. Reply by email, we'll give you directions.

We had a great time watching Sarah and Joe, join us again for the next round.

Get it up-Keep it up!
Al, Cass, Diane, and Kevin

Debate Watch Reminder

This is the Big One so far!!

With talk about McCain dumping his VP pick, this is one you need not miss. Join us at Cass' home, 7:30 tomorrow. Let us know that you will be there, we'll give you directions.

Get it up, Keep it up--turn out!

Al, Diane, Kevin and Cass