Hi All,

Just a quick reminder that we will not be gathering on the 31st because of the holiday. But will be circling the wagons on Jan. 7th to continue our quest for the perfect "Obama's on the Job Celebratory Drink". All the drinks so far tried have been submitted to the National Team for their perusal. We all believe there are some winners there. But we have more to taste, and much more to discuss. So join us after the New Year at The Cellar, Fernwood Glendale Rd., Spartanburg.

Happy New Year!!

Al, Cass, Diane and Kevin

You are going to love this!!

Greetings all,

The Spartanburg Chapter's "First Annual Obama's on the Job Celebratory Drink Contest" is going global! The Living Liberally National Team has asked all chapters to submit their original drink recipes for this new age into which our country's moving. We in Spartanburg are certainly up to this task of creating the Drink of the millennium, we've had quite a bit of success with this recently.

So over this Holiday Season (can't think of a better time for this) let's keep working on those tasty mixes, and after they are scored locally, we'll send them on to National. Worldwide recognition is waiting for any one, or two or three of us. This in addition to the nifty prize from the local crew if you are chosen the winner.

We will not meet on Dec. 24th or Dec. 31st. Our next meeting will be Jan. 7th, 2009 at The Cellar in Spartanburg. Looking forward to meeting you there.

Happy Holidays,

Al, Cass, Diane and Kevin

"Barak a-lot-a-Shot", "Obama Mama ll", and--

Live Music!!!

Greetings all,

Drinking Liberally, Spartanburg had another great gathering last Wednesday. The Cellar had live music for another gathering last time that we enjoyed, (and no cover!!) Can't promise you another band on the 17th, but can promise lively conversation and exotic drinks in our quest for the winner of "The First Annual Obama's on the Job Celebratory Drink Contest". So bring your own recipe and a couple of bucks to cover cost of the shots, topics for discussion, and your smiling faces and gather with us again Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 6:00 PM at The Cellar, 1071 Fernwood Glendale Rd. Spartanburg. The Inman group may be 30 minutes late, but we will be there, don't give up on us.

Drinking Liberally, Spartanburg, Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 6:00PM at The Cellar.

Al, Cass, Diane, and Kevin

Set 'em up Jeremy!!

The contest is in full swing, going quite well! We sampled three entries last week and have three more to judge Wednesday. Competition is very tight so come meet us and help us make a choice for "The First Annual Obama's on the Job Celebratory Drink Contest" winner. Bring your original drink recipe, a friend, a designated driver and some money to cover the cost of sampling, three or four dollars will suffice. And we're sure we'll solve some of the world's woes during our gathering, as we usually do.

Drinking Liberally of Spartanburg gathers again at The Cellar, 1071 Fernwood Glendale Rd. Spartanburg, Wednesday Dec. 10th at 6:00 PM.


Al, Kevin, Diane and Cass


The "First Annual Obama's On the Job Celebratory Drink Contest" is on. Prizes will be given for best tasting as well as most appropriately named concoctions. Submit your entries beginning with our gathering on Dec. 3rd through Jan. 14th. Be prepared for Jeremy to be able to mix a couple or so for tasting and judging purposes. Awards to be given Jan. 14th. This is going to be big, I just feel it!

Drinking Liberally, Spartanburg gathers again at The Cellar in Spartanburg Wednesday, Dec. 3rd at 6:00 PM. Meet us and bring a friend.


Al, Diane, Cass and Kevin