Is everybody keeping up?

President Obama's Fiscal Responsibility Plan, his address to Congress,a budget proposal to eliminate 1/2 of our deficit by 2013, nationalization of some of our country's banks, California's Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's proposal to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and the comet Lulin will appear in the southeastern sky at 45 degrees Monday at 11:00 PM. Oh yea, and Carl Rove didn't show up again today. These things and more we're sure to talk about.

Drinking Liberally Spartanburg gathers again Wednesday 2/25, 6:00 PM at The Cellar, Spartanburg. Come meet us and bring a friend.

Get it up, Keep it up!!
Al, Cass, Kevin, and Diane

gathering reminder

Drinking Liberally of Spartanburg gathers again Wednesday 2/18, 6:00PM at The Cellar in Spartanburg. Come meet us to celebrate Democracy Day in Nepal. We'll also solve the riddle of those things that go bump in the night.

Al, Diane, Cass and Kevin

What did Obama Do Today?

Monday President Obama held a "News Conference". We know you all took notes. Let's gather together and discuss. Drinking Liberally Spartanburg gets together again at The Cellar, Spartanburg, Wednesday 2/11 at 6:00 PM. Come meet with us for good conversation and your favorite libation.

Meet you there,

Al, Cass, Kevin and Diane

Gathering Reminder

What were we talking about last week? Oh yes, I remember! Come meet with us again Wednesday and we'll finish the discussion.

Drinking Liberally, Wednesday 6:00 PM, The Cellar, Spartanburg. Meet you there.

Al, Kevin, Cass and Diane