Drinking Liberally's Memorial Day

There isn't anyone out there that hasn't been affected by the nonsense of war. It still happens and our children die. So let's toast those that have given there most, and work to end this craziness. Trust in human-kind, we can make it better.

Drinking Liberally, Spartanburg gathers again at Hickory Tavern, Spartanburg, Wednesday 5/27, 6:00 PM on the patio (or inside if it's raining). Come meet us and bring a friend.

Al, Cass, Diane and Kevin

First notice

Just to clarify the discussion last Wednesday. We will meet at the Hickory Tavern at 6:00 on Wednesday, 5/57. We gather as usual on the patio. Those of us who want to check out "Show Up for Spartanburg" happening on Morgan Square that evening can join us later at the Tavern. Hickory Tavern is our spot, and that's where we'll be.

Diane, Cass, Kevin and Al

Every week has a Wednesday

And We meet again at Hickory Tavern, Spartanburg, 6:00 PM 5/20. Question of the week: What did Pelosi know and when did she know it? And Diane and Al are back with details of life down south.

Drinking Liberally, Spartanburg, Hickory Tavern, 6:00 PM Wednesday 5/20. Gather with us there.

Al, Kevin, Cass, and Diane

We know you're thirsty!

Quench your thirst with Drinking Liberally at Hickory Tavern tomorrow (Wednesday) night! We'll be on the patio starting at 6 if the weather's nice, or inside if it isn't. Either way, come join us! I'm sure John and Kevin will give us a full critique of the new Star Trek movie, among other things!

See ya there!
Cass & Kevin (Al and Diane currently in Colombia - yes, the country, not the city - no, that doesn't make Cass nervous at all....please, no travel horror stories until next week)

Seis de Mayo

Hey everyone!!! Let's all get together and nominate a new Supreme Court Justice this Wednesday at Hickory Tavern in Spartanburg!!! Now is our time!

Even if you don't know someone who's qualified, join us for lively discussion!

See you on the patio this and every Wednesday starting at 6pm...bring a friend!

~Cass. Kevin and Al and Diane who will be Drinking Liberally from far away Panama.