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Check out Lee Camp's latest Moment of Clarity on Net Neutrality:

Preserve internet freedom and keep the net out of the hands of corporate interests! Visit for more information on what you can do to make sure this important legislation passes.

MP Sue Bradford at DL Dunedin (NZ)

MP Bradford speaking to DL Dunedin, 9/29/2009

Not even a month after losing a leadership battle in New Zealand's Green Party, former MP Sue Bradford's resignation from parliament has hardly proven to be a sign of personal defeat. Instead, Ms. Bradford has gone back to what she loves most-- taking part in grassroots activism and working for real, bottom-up change.

Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Entenza at DL Minneapolis

With the November elections fast approaching, more and more of our Drinking Liberally chapters have been active in bringing candidates out from the ether of television and radio ads, newspaper columns and blog posts, down to the sticky floors of their local bars to speak directly with their constituents in an informal, personal setting.

Here we have a video of Matt Entenza, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Candidate for Governor of Minnesota, speaking to the Minneapolis chapter about his run for office this fall. Check it out, and keep an eye on the work of our other chapters providing voters with greater access to their candidates.

Thank you DL Minneapolis for sharing this with all of us!

Gubernatorial Candidates to Co-Host DL Providence, October - December

We just got word from our brothers and sisters at DL Providence that the three 2010 gubernatorial candidates, Lincoln Chaffee, Frank Caprio and Patrick Lynch will be joining chapter leaders to co-host events from October through December. If you're an RI resident and can get to Providence, we highly recommend checking these events out.

Here's the schedule:

  • Senator Lincoln Chafee will co-host the October event on Wednesday, October 28, 2009.
  • Treasurer Frank Caprio will co-host the November event on Wednesday, November 25, 2009.
  • Attorney General Patrick Lynch will co-host the December event on a date to be announced.

Stay tuned to our blog and the chapter page for DL Providence for more updates!

The Latest from HAARM

These things just keep getting better and better.

Check out the latest ads from the Healthy Americans Against Reform and ask yourself, "do I really want more accessible, affordable health care?"

Just aching for more propaganda? First, check and make sure it's not a pre-existing condition, and then click here and here.

Mayor Coleman @ DL St. Paul!

Gubernatorial candidate and current mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota, Chris Coleman dropped by their local Drinking Liberally chapter a few weeks back. Our friends over at DL St. Paul were kind enough to share this video of the visit with us, and we thought it'd be nice to pay it forward.

Young Gets It Done

Our good friends over at the Manhattan Young Democrats have announced the honorees for their fall fundraiser party, Young Gets it Done, here in NYC.

MYD -- an organization that rallies urban youths around community activism and politics -- will be recognizing the 'Top 5 Under 35' for their "hard work of Young Democrats across Manhattan, New York State and the Country."

And guess what? Living Liberally is one of them!

Come join Living Liberally, the Manhattan Young Democrats, and many others as we celebrate a year of Democratic action. The party will be taking place on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 at The Griffin (50 Gansevoort St btwn Greenwich St & Washington St) from 7-10pm.

Tickets may be purchased by clicking here.

Other honorees include:
State Senator Daniel Squadron
Represents lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn

State Assemblyman Micah Kellner
Represents Manhattan's Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island

Councilwoman Jessica Lappin
Represents Manhattan's Upper East Side

Lt. Dan Choi
U.S Army - Don't Ask Don't Tell Activist

DL Pawley's Island Takes On Senator "Waterloo" DeMint at Town Hall Meeting

Brave DL'ers from the Pawley's Island chapter showed up at SC Senator Jim "Waterloo" DeMint's town hall on Wednesday, August 19th. With signs in hand, the group reminded DeMint that the public option is not dead, and that we progressives are determined to reform our shoddy system. Check out the pictures below!

From Drinking Liberally
From Drinking Liberally

Luckily, no one was harmed. Rita Smith tells us, "I told our group to 'channel their inner hippie and put a flower in [DeMint's] gun.'"

We Like Drinking. We Like Healthcare.

We liberal drinkers love two things: drinking and politics.

The intersection of pub-gathering and political collaboration has been and always will be integral to understanding of American history -- pubs provide a comfortable social environment that has continued to inspire collaboration and change amongst ourselves. From the catalytic moments of the American Revolution to the tough-questioning we give public officials who attend Drinking Liberally meetings, spirits and politics have been partnered through the ages.

But this partnership has recently taken a turn for the worst.

Brands like Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Smirnoff have launched an expensive advertising campaign to defeat our efforts at healthcare reform. There have been moments when the healthcare debate has driven some of us to drink, but little did we know we were funding the opposition. We need to let these companies know we are not pleased.

Join us in telling liquor companies to stop attacking reforms that would help, among others, those who produce, serve and consume their libations. In the name of American Pub Politics, raise your voice along with your progressive pint, and pass this on to your other drinking buddies.

Let's toast to reform and the companies who support our interests, take care of their workers, and respect the needs of their loyal customers.

Check out these liquor companies who are working toward progressive change in their own communities.

Drinking Liberally Chapter Spotlight: Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City chapter began rather organically—a group of friends, all leaning to the left, start talking about politics at their local bar. Chapter leader Tom Holland reflects, “I found out the same thing that others before me had already discovered: we were all reading the same book. Not necessarily the same page or paragraph, but definitely the same book. Of course the book was one you would find on the left side of the shelf.”

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