Pipelines and Lifelines

Republicans and ConservaDems nearly passed
the disastrous Keystone tar-sands pipeline.
A pipeline of progressive opposition stopped it for now,
but ultimately the Prez’s veto is our only lifeline.

Tonight, Obama will tackle immigration reform,
executive actions where Congress has been inert.
It could be a pipeline to pump energy into our economy,
but this lifeline for millions will ignite backlash as well.

And Elizabeth Warren took a Senate leadership role,
where she’ll be a pipeline of progressive ideas,
and a lifeline for regular Americans who feel left out
by a Congress more concerned with corporate cronies.

Following the midterms, while some Dems chose flight,
the President and progressives have shown some fight.
Hopefully, it continues: a pipeline of Presidential progress,
and our nation’s lifeline under this conservative Congress.

Come out for a lifeline of liberal libations
and a pipeline of progressive palaver
at your local progressive social club.

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Fight or Flight to Face the Right?

After the midterm elections, many wondered
whether losses would neutralize the President.
But this week he wasn’t neutral on Net Neutrality,
calling for the FCC to protect a free and open internet.

The GOP victories changed the climate in DC,
but may have changed Obama for the bolder —
as he announced a climate change pact with China.

And recent losses may cause some Dems
to conduct mass deportations of core principles —
but the Prez is migrating to a stronger pose
indicating executive action on immigration reform.

From the Keystone pipeline to budget battles,
some Democrats are thinking of taking flight.
But maybe they — and we — are in for a surprise,
if President Obama decides to take up the fight.

Join the fight, tease the Right and enjoy a night
of left-leaning libations and like-minded laughter
at your local progressive social club.

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Election -- or Ejection?

Voters made it clear: for higher minimum wages,
pro-choice, anti-gun and pro pot legalization --
and they also gave the Republicans a landslide.

Voters want a more effective government --
and empowered a party that has spent years
obstructing, distracting, misleading
and preventing an effective government.

And Dems ran on what they’d do if elected,
but hadn’t done when they were elected,
while running away from everything
their party and Prez had been able to achieve.

Whether the politics of rejection, voter dejection,
fantastical projection or a moment of reflection,
Tuesday may have been a tidal wave election
-- or more like a total ejection.

Let’s hope everyone has a working parachute
because it’ll be a bumpy ride on the way to land.

You can fume at home or find comfort together.
And there’s no point drinking alone,
when you can find camaraderie and compassion
at your local, progressive social club.

After all, this is what Drinking Liberally is for.
We don't come and go with the elections.
We're here year-round, to form and strengthen
your sense of progressive community.

We did it in 2004, when Bush won.
We did it in 2010 after the Tea Party.
We're still here. See you at the bar.

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Election Day Tricks or Election Night Treats?

Halloween is coming, but the true cause of fright
are the anti-science, anti-women’s-rights,
anti-equality, anti-diplomacy right wingers
who may take control of the Senate.

As we don spooky costumes, none are scarier
than a GOP Senate that would use its power
to block judicial appointments, rollback health care,
pass the Keystone pipeline & threaten shutdowns.

But while Republicans think victory is theirs,
the truth is that from South Dakota to Georgia,
many races are toss-ups, the Senate too close to call,
and Election Night will prove a nail-biter.

The GOP is planning some Election Day tricks,
but maybe Dems will score Election Night treats.

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The Threat of Right-Wing Errorists

Iraqi civilians face a real threat from ISIS,
but hawks want Americans to believe
militias are amassing at the Mexican border.

Ebola is a dangerous outbreak in West Africa,
but conservatives are stoking the fear
that it’s gone airborne all across America.

Our hearts go out to the people of Ottawa,
in the aftermath of a fatal shooting —
but will this lead Republicans to call
for more access to guns in the U.S.,
or for a wall between us and Canada?

Elevating panic is the GOP election strategy,
hoping a terrorized public will vote their way.
Isn’t there a word for those who use terror
as a deliberate tool to achieve their ends?

The Right Wing trumps up a "War on Terror,"
so we have to wage a War on Error —
deliberate deception and malicious misinformation
that could poison the public and affect the election.

Someone has to stop these Right-Wing Errorists.

Feeling election fever or midterm malaise,
come share your thoughts and a pint
at your local progressive social club.

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The Disease Unease Trapeze

Ebola causes suffering in Liberia and Sierra Leone,
but America’s response to the crisis is limited,
more likely to spend money bombing the Middle East
than containing a real threat in Africa.

A few cases in America has led to panic
as two-thirds of Americans expect an outbreak,
though a majority of us don’t know how Ebola spreads,
and we ignore more common diseases that kill everyday.

The GOP stokes fear as a campaign gimmick
but their policies have slashed NIH and CDC,
obstructed the Surgeon General nominee
and underfunded our emergency responders.

It’s hard to be rational when you’re really afraid,
hard to be measured amidst misinformation,
so public opinion is ping-ponging with panic
as though swinging on a disease unease trapeze.

This is the kind of emergency when you want
a fully-funded, functional government response.
Too bad the Right has fought against that for years.

In the meantime, calm your worries, slow your hurries
and enjoy a night of conversation and camaraderie
at your local progressive social club.

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A Gay Old Party vs The Grand Old Party

The Supreme Court’s refusal to overturn rulings
has expanded marriage equality to more states.
Yet when it comes to approving of equal rights,
many GOP leaders still can’t admit, “I do.”

While Americans increasingly side with equality,
and many couples now declare their commitment,
many conservatives renew their commitment
to a backward battle on the wrong side of history.

And even while some Republicans accept marriage,
they oppose employment non-discrimination,
adoption rights and transgender rights.

America’s throwing a gay old party!
The only folks not celebrating: the Grand Old Party.
When you look at those two parties,
it’s pretty clear which looks like more fun.

With a few weeks until the midterms,
plenty to discuss, debate, share and be aware
as you raise a glass and raise your voice
at your local progressive social club.

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Pols Are Scary. Polls Are Scarier.

Republicans have spent years in Washington
obstructing, opposing, derailing and distracting.
Polls now show them winning the Senate.

Conservatives want to privatize Social Security,
slash education and give corporate tax breaks,
while fighting the minimum wage, both control,
carbon regulation and immigration reform.
Now they are predicted to gain more seats.

Tea Party candidates deny evolution,
refute climate change, vilify Muslims,
belittle rape, and argue corporations are people.
If the election were today, they’d be in charge.

Politicians can say frightening things
and ome of these pols are downright scary.
But the latest polls are even scarier.

If you need a drink, you’re not alone —
discuss, debate, despair and dig in
at your local progressive social club.

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President O-Bomb-a

The President whose political star rose
as a principled voice to end a Mideast war
has just started a new bombing campaign there.

The leader who dreamed of international efforts
on climate change and nuclear non-proliferation
has pivoted the UN assembly from building to bombing,
from collaboration to confrontation.

The man who has had enough trouble
moving a progressive domestic agenda in DC
just alienated allies, tied up resources, shifted focus,
leaving his progressive priorities adrift.

During his campaigns, Obama was the bomb.
Now, he’s a President who drops bombs.
Possibly, it’ll cause his agenda to bomb.
Bombs away, President O-Bomb-a.

Hope for peace, work for progress
and raise a glass saying Shana Tova,
as you share ideas and share the night
at your local progressive social club.

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When You're In A Hole, Stop Digging

It’s a mess in the Middle East but not clear
how the US helps by making it messier.
As we arm questionable “allies,” remember:
getting Syrian is easier than getting Syri-out.

The NFL and Roger Goodell are under fire
for their bungled response to players’ atrocities.
They need a half-time change in strategy
before they all get sacked in the end zone.

Our planet’s confronting a climate disaster,
the GOP’s denying it, Dems are slow to act
— at least there’s the People’s Climate March,
reminding us you don't drill your way out of a hole.

Whether you’re Obama’s international advisers,
the NFL’s crisis-managers or world leaders,
it’s worth heeding the lesson:
when you’re already in a hole, stop digging.

We’re in deep enough.
Time to move the other direction.

Come share your thought and share the nights
as we pour pints and pour at our hearts
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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